Daily Reading #185

The empire disassembles before our eyes :



Citizen feedback to police on individual actions.  Police should put their blotters on FB :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and their crowd source researchers continue their investigation. These are the founding videos of a new era. The discussions they have, the evidence they and the researchers joining them uncover, are and will be the cause of the political events that will change everything.  I am actually pretty optimistic, so long as we can stay out of WWIII long enough for all this to play out.

But this isn’t crushable, attempts to do so will accelerate by Streissand Effect their political demise. Physical demise for more than a few of the rat bastards OKing the pedophilia blackmail operations and dealing with traders in people. There is no necessity that can justify that, the only word I can find to match the reality is ‘evil’.

Nevertheless, for most, this was standard spycraft, running illegal operations to fund operations of some political goal. Foreigners doing the operations, e.g. Pakastani ISI 111 special operations group, makes it easy to consider everyone else non-important, killing is an easy solution, hiring killers even easier. Especially when you have diplomatic immunity, ‘get out of jail free’ cards.

The Awan Brothers were front men handling the interfaces to everything else, but probably not doing much of the work. There had to have been a large team behind them running the various operations. These operations were clearly intended to throw off cash.  Where did the cash go?

At this point, the overall picture is the CIA and FBI use foreign nationals via a ‘liaison loophole’ to handle operations they couldn’t do themselves without violating the law. The compensation plan is they get to keep locally-generated profits, e.g. car theft rings, drug distribution, brownstone blackmail operations, etc. The liaisons get enough protection they mostly get away, but meanwhile have been able to milk the system of credit and law, knowing they are immune.

Brainy Blond is another very real person who thinks about things, turns out America is full of them, a powerful group in this forming aggregate :







The Awan Brother’s Spy Ring story continues to move through the net. Legacy media hasn’t much acknowledge it, but they ultimately must. After the indictments might be too late to salvage any reputation at all :



Trey Gowdy weighs in with hard questions wrt cannabis as a Schedule I drug :


I am much in favor of cryptocurrencies, which I view as merely another step in the long history of the evolution of cultural understandings and institutions based on them. I don’t own any, because they are software and people, those haven’t been validated enough yet in any cryptocurrency. Bitcoin operations are interesting :




Increasingly, ‘international’ means tax-free, and so is one of the major economic advantages of multi-national corporations :


How easily power ignores humanity :


Democrats lost so many elected positions in the last 6 years because they stopped identifying with the average working class individual and didn’t notice their immiseration :



The thing to contemplate here is how nations come to believe these incorrect assumptions about reality that become embedded in the textbooks and articles of the average person, thus reality assumed by all. Are those guided cultural currents? We know, absolutely know, many of them are in our own time because a large proportion of the CIA’s budget goes to information operations. There are some specialists behind this, I should suspect, and do :


This is normal medical teaching hospital practice, a senior surgeon supervising trainees and performing the most critical parts of the surgery. Normal practices are inevitably used for less-honorable reasons, here to allow a senior surgeon in a community to handle more surgeries and make more $ :


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