Daily Reading #184

My country continues its insanity in foreign policy :


Israel is in large part responsible for the wars in the ME, and that begins with the Greater Israel project. Crushing the existing Palestinians out of existence and stealing their land is one of their tactics :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and their crowd source researchers continue their investigation.





The story Webb has been telling is getting out :


The Deep State’s over-reach include the War on Drugs :


A major effect of easy money is consolidation of industries and fast growth of others, e.g. Google, Amazon and Facebook :


A brilliant hope by California that their cannabis laws will have the effect of cutting production of cannabis by 4/5ths. Federal did not accomplish any reduction of production, raids and crop destruction and life-time sentences did not accomplish any reduction, why is some California reguation going to do so? WHo decides how the cuts are to be made? How are the farmers compensated? Is this to be another agricultural support program, or just another blanket prohibition to be ignored, but another bit of power to be applied if ever necessary? What is the strategy behind legislation such as this? :


This LTR article is interesting. Luttwak is no dummy, I am reading more articles by people who seem to me to be thoughtful and insightful which are positive in their evaluation of Trump at a strategic level. Voltaire.net’s Meyssan is positive about the course of the ME, says Trump has turned that around, the wars are winding down.

Trump doesn’t tackle things headon, but generally is doing the right thing, however clumsy it seems on the outside.  The pedogate arrests continue around the world, that is due to the FBI running more than half of the pedoporn web sites for a long time. Podestas of the world don’t fool with mere pornography, and had inside information that kept them away.

But, the modern world will contain many evidences of their crimes, and peer-to-peer will eventually connect enough dots. The official world has hardly begun looking in earnest. Whether the crime cabals that are the Deep State, defined by people who are willing to break laws, finally meet justice is entirely cover-your-ass for 99% of people in the various organizations. If their boss expects them to be honest, they will be more honest, if he expects them to see things, they will open their minds and be able to see them. People are very good at doing what their superiors want.

This is why changing leadership works, changing emphasis filters down by attitude and priority. That is why Trump pushes to get Sessions having the right attitudes and priorities, he wants prosecutions to happen, they are necessary if he is to accomplish anything meaningful with his Presidency.  It would be wise to bet, thinking about this, that he sees himself as a big man in history, and is learning fast.  He has had a long time thinking about this, and has had some interesting advisors over the years, as he apparently discussed his run for President with everyone.

Trump is a much more interesting individual than our social leaders want to believe.

Luttwak thinks Trump’s Dynasty will occupy the White House until 2030, and has rational thought to support that. This is another analysis of Trump which is positive, I am seeing more of these from very thoughtful people :


Our police are off-track, and the very dumb laws, drug and others, encourage that. Drugs and sex are known to inevitably corrupt any bureaucracy given the power to control them. Of course our police have been corrupted, it was the inevitable result of the un-necessary laws.  We know they are un-necessary, because many societies have not had them. Only they could have had honest police and officials :


This is the behavior of courtiers, the same in all times and places, entirely human, the way we work.  Behind all of this social mechanism, real outside events kept happening, government out of control and resisting control. Notice how little coverage there is from any pov that could be considered a Trumpian success? More distraction and presenting Trump as a loser, rather than someone without many trusted contacts inside the very politicized bureaucracies :


The most dangerous laws are the ones that seem the most obviously correct, e.g. that Google and Facebook are some special class of social-economic threat.  I certainly agree that no company has been able to guide the sources of its users information as Google has achieved, which accounts for its share of the advertising revenue stream.

But the consequence of that is they are failing to produce the best search results. Google’s ‘news’ and other information pages, including search, have ever-more graphics and ever-less information. Google’s spare interfaces were a major advantage they used to have, because every page was more likely to include the information you were looking for.

Google has placed itself at a competitive disadvantage in the middle of its business, returning complete and accurate information most easily. That is a business opportunity, a business waiting to form. It certainly already has, we just don’t know who Google’s nemesis will be.

All Ian Welsh proves by his agreement with Steve Bannon is that static thinking is everywhere. Building another bureaucracy to correct system-level flaws in a dynamic system is how we got here, failing again. Sanity suggest changing our methods.

The correct way to combat this is to take your search business to DuckDuckGo or one of the specialty search engines, or download a browser search engine that uses them all. I find that there are intermediate search engines that hide your information from Google, and don’t save your queries.

There are many ways individuals can deprive Google and Facebook of revenue and build up their competition, ethical competition.  We citizens are evolving other information structures and flows, this is still early in humanity’s networked era. More laws will hurt, not help, this evolution. Unless you have the magic that will prevent regulatory capture, regulation via government isn’t the answer :


This used to be normal in human history. American natives burned forests and prairies every fall :


Interesting analysis of Trump and the sociology and politics behind Trumpism.  This is an interesting web site :


Another from Inference Review, this a review of archeological theory and practice wrt The Neolithic Revolution :


These terminology discussions are meaningful to insiders. As an outsider, I see a normal progression, which every generation of theory over-running the data’s precision to decide.  This one too :


Industrial farming with high-density poultry is bad for chickens. Organic farmers are more profitable, but don’t generate as much profit / acre :


ISIS is being eliminated, one engagement and town at a time :



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