Daily Reading #169

The push to war continues :


Even tho US military might is declining rapidly, exactly what happens when you focus on power as your highest goal :



Although some forces are working to make more peace.  Sadly, it isn’t the US.  Interesting that I received this from a relative who doesn’t speak Russian :


The open source investigations of George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and their cloud of researchers continue :





This is a result of the corruption of our entire system of government :



The latest pedophile pornography web site to be busted had 87K members was run from Germany, but had members internationally.  Why do you suppose US legacy media is not covering the case? Do you suppose it is the same reason legacy media is not covering the organ harvesting cases?

The cases revealing a market for transplant organs. Markets imply a supply meeting a demand.  Where does the $370K go in the Mayo Clinic when you pre-pay for a transplant organ? Where do the organs come from?  Do we have a chain of custody for those organs, from before death?

MDs are obviously going along with this.  We don’t hear from transplant surgeons, why not?

The Judicial system has obviously failed, I don’t hear the Judicial system land on the decision. Normally there are serious critiques of clearly wrong decisions that make it into the news.  Organ harvesting and no news coverage.

Newspaper people, reporters through editors, are not covering these cases, it is largely left to the less fact-based press, keeping the subject in mild disrepute, not the kind of thing that serious people deal with, outside the Overton Window.

That social disapproval of the entire subject controls everyone. I am sure many more people are critical than critique.  Everyone is so fucking respectable that there are huge important areas of human experience which are not being explored with the gusto the chattering classes give to the implications of  predictions of global warming based on a simply nutty extrapolation of climate models to national science and economic policy.  There are many more important problems.

I hate to believe it, but it is so easy to argue that nations and civilzations and cultures only recover after a crash that has to go deep enough to make people fear for their next meal.  Those are necessarily a pragmatic people, and things are more judged by what they do for you tomorrow, not in some hard-to-imagine future. Focused, back to reality.

They are using your sense of respectability against you.  The Libertarians fell for that, I was so astonished. Truth is more important than respectable, and truth does no good without people putting their heads together, we need to go back to the old days before Political Correctness. And especially before reporting was a respectable profession.

We pay them not to be respectable, dammit. They  are supposed to shock us with human crimes in high places, and our own acceptance of various aspects of it.  We have to deal with reality, that requires honest information and analysis. There Is No Alternative :


A reminder that we are 100 years into the scientific study of influencing people’s attitudes. That knowledge is used in propaganda every day :


Being the Mediterranian end of China’s Silk Road will make Syria wealthy again :


I wasted my time re-reading this article on the race of the Greeks and Romans. It concludes that the leaders of the time were Germanic, and traces the subsequent decline to the intermingling of the pure Nordic strains with lesser Mediterranian strains of humanity. No kidding, Uns let such crap through their editorial process.

You don’t even have to know anything to know what BS that must be, anyone can list a half a dozen reason, including that maintaining stable governments was a social skill that took many generations, neither the Greeks nor Romans ever got it right in a self-maintaining way.

Now consider the growth of aggregate human skills as the glaciers wax and wane. Every advance of the ice wiped out the skills needed to live in the northern climes. Living in winters is a non-trivial problem, and the variability of weather meant higher risk. Northern populations had more frequent starvations.

But when the weather allowed the ice to melt, it was an opening paradise of grass and shrubs in bands moving across the landscape as spring moves up the sides of a mountain and fall moves down. So there were drivers of populations built into the seasons, early tribes were nomadic for good reason, it was necessary to survive :


CSI has an ever-deeper reach in time, this to 2600 years in the past :


The story of the Rosetta Stone is interesting :


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