Daily Reading #168

Ratcheting up to war.  This is propaganda emphasizing the “attack on our people, our heritage”, a necessary prelude to war, to massacres, to death camps. The Deep State is the enemy, it is a master of psyops and needs America to disintegrate in violence.  So some patriots identify Muslims as the problem and the diversity of our cultures as the major issue.  :


The open source investigations of George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and their cloud of researchers continue.

Watching today, I realized this is another validation of Discordianism, every attempt to impose order produces forces opposing that order. McCabe leaned on George back in Seattle, CrowdSourceTheTruth is the result :








Clintons for Nuremberg. Attack or run, the elements of the various Deep States and Mafias are being given no choice. Ms. Beck is an impressive researcher, thinker and presenter, one of many in this alt-media and alt-law. Researchers will now work with the Becks in further digging. Our Deep State is going to lose :



This is true, the bureaucracy is impenetable anable The problem I have with this is that layers and layers of reforms are how we got here. Heart-rending as it is, this is just another bureaucracy in the making :


Money is trust.  Trust is spendable, many different tokens of trust have been used :


The size of the functional genome is 12-15% of the total, by an excellent mathematical argument :


More examples of ecosystems being resurrected by merely restoring the environment :


The bigger the lie, the more times it must be repeated to make it believed. Putin gets so much approval not because he is perfect, rather because the political systems of the world have been corrupted, and no Western Leader is as reliable a support for Peace and Freedom:


I don’t agree with Welsh that Saudia Arabia is doomed because of oil prices, rather that resource-extraction economies are so easily centralized. All centralized systems are doomed, as evolution does not stop, and centralized power cripples normal evolution, so they cannot maintain fitness in their changing environment :


Guam also is thinking about changing their political system :



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