Daily Reading #167

The open source investigations of George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and their cloud of researchers continue :





Most of the CIA and NSA’s whistleblowers have tried to fix the problems through their Inspector Generals.  That has not worked for any of them :


Many people have seen these crises building, and no amount of writing and speaking has been able to prevent any of it. Three times we elected the relative-piece candidate, 3 times they turned him, or already had him under control.  It is a system that can’t deal with the problems quickly or cleanly, one that depends on some of the problems continuing and getting worse. A failing economy is nature’s way of telling you you are doing something wrong :


Laying out what I understand from the George Webb story, along with my own extrapolations : The CIA has been engaged in infiltrating and controlling, by any means necessary, including drugs, sex, money and excitement in many forms, along with the resultant opportunities for blackmail, the other branches of government, important civil institutions, and commerce. In Woolsey’s day, a cadre of CIA operatives were recruited in NATO and rose in the US Army.

That cadre is now senior enough that it controls a great deal of power in the military, police and intelligence community, and are using their power for private profit, 10s of $Bs in drugs, arms, sex and human organs. Hillary Clinton is among those senior operatives who have attained high position and great riches enabling many criminal conspiracies in the international realm.

The reason the Deep State cannot win in the court of public opinion is the trail of evidence everything inevitably leaves. You can’t move goods without shipping companies. Moving illegal goods, including people, via diplomatic container is by far the most reliable route, and ambassadors consequently get a high price for providing a courier service for the CIA’s many illegal flows of illegally-obtained goods. But you can’t move goods without moving money, so the many banks doing automatic transactions of large cash flows.

It takes software, legal services, operations and logistics and protection to make all that happen. All of that activity ends up leaving an information trail, paths through the public information space that connect people, activities, organizations, the outline of which identify the hands of the puppet master. Pretty much the names of the people in Genie Energy, 2 levels of connection from there and we will have a list of all of the perps behind 9/11 and this attempted takeover of the US government, imposing a new kind of tyranny, an automated surveillance state.

A great deal of this crime spree is good people trying to do the right thing and getting sucked in to an event that can produce blackmail, normally a crime, then trapped. “Tom’s a good guy, I will cover for him just this once” and it cascades from there.

There are a lot of talented engineers working on the web sites, talented people of all kinds in the various criminal enterprises. How many people need to know?

That was the old thinking, and you could get away with it in the old days, there were places where nobody could listen, if you were careful. Now, it isn’t any mystery why the many conspirators surrounding the DNC, the Clintons and this cohort of CIA recruits take their meetings in a Secure Compartmented Information Facility. That is the only place they can be sure of not being recorded.

But, those are run by who? As George keeps showing, a lot of the surveillance state is making sure shipments get through. Ditto theft of technology and information. The many anomalies in the various stories are showing through the stage scenery.

Many, many people know small parts of the story. Putting together that story, all of the links the crowd can source from the leads George’s intelligence contacts.

I am very impressed with the general knowledge George has. I think sales managers spend a lot of time on planes, and he must have read many many books and had a hell of a memory. Tremendous contacts, obviously.

These guys are winning by being competent at who they are. All are very real, I detect no facades, they are settling into teamwork, the morning searching and analysis show getting ever-more interesting. They obviously have the ability to direct a great deal of brain power to a general question, and process it all via the various chatting streams. No kidding, this is the AI that is happening in the world, this is the emergent mind. Also a new entertainment medium method of citizen participation. Wasn’t Putin doing a version of the same a few months back?

They are showing the world how to do it, along with a few dozen other rational thinkers in the alt-media scene. I assume the biggest audience for all this is via facebook? From the various mentions I see, this group is gaining a lot of attention, they are on the leading edge of many stories, very often follow up with more startling and illuminating evidence. Much of it available via the internet.

This is a new thing in the world, and early in its development. Now they all have to avoid being discredited by some psyop. But so far, trends in the total information flow in the US are strongly for Trump and against the Deep State.

Where are the competent authorities? Now would be a lovely time to arrest someone around Hillary Clinton as a way of showing the world you are serious. Instead, they let Anthony Wiener off, there will be some modification of his sentence so he won’t even serve that, same as Epstein’s Florida pedophilia cases. Whose side are these people on?

If this goes on much longer, I will begin questioning the Trump Administration’s honesty. They can’t let me do that, it is the only serious support they have : people who know there is plenty of evidence, but we don’t see anything leading to prosecution.

If Hillary Clinton does not soon see the inside of a prison, it will mean there is no impetus to Drain the Swamp. Big damn swamp, it seems to me. The money flows in drugs, sex, organs in all varieties are enormous. Criminal syndicates operated by persons trained by and associated with the CIA, or, in Operation Paperclip 2, ex-members of the KGB, who were suddenly the Russian gangsters in many Russian communities. These various associates operated various parts of the ratline. Earlier, Siebel Edmonds had seen that they used Turkish intelligence-criminals.

As a consequence of encouraging criminal gangs as a way of control of people and translating power to money, in whatever way convenient, they leave a lot of evidence. Obviously there is a market in organs. Did you know that? There are markets where the various arms of the companies come together to plan operations, decide on costs, how to move money. Did you know that? The Podestas operated a part of that international trade, especially the arms arena, and Depleted Uranium, among the other illegal armaments they supplied.

George names names. The spotlight will turn upon these scum over the next few weeks. Every link the the chains broke laws, there are 100 years of newspapers and magazines around the world now online, lots of things to be linked, Google makes it easy to search. At least much easier than reading in libraries. The crowd follows the links of the people and associations and businesses, sooner or later they all come back to the CIA and their criminal associates.

There are now private groups doing overthrows of foreign countries, destroying their government, with the intention of extracting the nation’s wealth and enslaving its people.

Evil fucks.


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