Daily Reading #166

Our Israeli-Neocons and the ME allies they have chosen for the US produce great evil :


The open source investigations of George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron and their cloud of researchers continue. George obviously assumes he has people watching over him, he names names and cites crimes and evidence :






Smith was the subject of the team’s Ortel interview yesterday. Our heroes George, Jason and Trish have shrugged off personal danger on the basis it will cause the investigations people are trying to avoid. That works, except for the people who control those investigations and want independent investigations stopped, like McCabe of the FBI, the entire Deep State and Mueller.

People who find direct links to a wide variety of high level people end up dead very frequently. That is a long list by now, a measure of how urgent the problem has become, of how widespread is the corruption :


The Awan Brothers saga creeps into Legacy Media. I found this via news.google.com :


ME politics would have changed whoever was President of the US, but Trump will get the blame, whatever happens next. None of the ME states are stable, including Saudi Arabia and Israel :




And look how US politics is changing, the Israeli-Neocon contingent is losing power, thank God! :



No kidding, AGW has been fraud from the beginning. It is an outstanding example of the reason that government funding of science is too dangerous to allow : centralized mechanisms are easily captured by special interests and thereafter produce bad science. AGW proponents funded each other’s proposals and reviewed each other’s papers, shut out alternative views and data, wasting many $Bs in research funding and 20 years of effort :


Change has been so rapid from technology and economics that it has been difficult for any society to manage, even the ones most insulated from those changes. Add the changes produced by powerful governments for political reasons, no one can what happens next :


This Solzhenitsyn essay on Bastille Day I just found on WRSAmakes those points, as well as that ideology is centralization of thinking, as are formal religions and  kingdoms.  The French revolution was a counter-revolution, French Royalty had controlled the Church, leaving the people no legitimate way to change the system :


Conditions for corruption and ways to prevent corruption. It all starts with honest leaders impartially judging supporters as well as opponents :


The rate of evolution is proportional to the number of tests per unit time, be those offspring per year or calculations per second of a fitness function in a super-computer. By this measure, the legal system is evolving at unprecedented rates.

This is a fun case, and you can see the lawyers using it to show off their legal reasoning powers. PETA gambled on long odds with the goal of being legal guardian of animals, and properly lost on the merits of the case. However, PETA’s base claim is correct, that humanity has taken over the planet, assumed power over all its denizens.

It is beyond dispute that humanity is doing a lousy job of evolving our planet, imho. So many extinctions are the measure of an unstable system, and we all are dna-based creatures sharing an ecology here on earth. We all have an interest in each other, direct or indirect, known or not. Some of those interests are not being represented, thus the excess extinctions and instability. How are we going to provide those feedback loops? How to know what is natural, what not?

Again and again, I come to the conclusion that species need to be sold, as only the profit motive can protect their interest. Yes, I would bid on the black plague. It has value yet unknown, used only for human benefit, just like every other string of DNA on the planet. We are going to really regret this episode of historical idiocy when genetic engineering gets going and we need every hint of nature’s solutions. Yes, live animals and plants are more valuable than their DNA for the same reason that 3D drawings and displays are superior to 2D.

Youtube videos I posted last week, lectures by Allan Savoy, say that entire regions of the world need herds of animals trooping across them in order to avoid becoming deserts. The herds have obvious value and must be preserved to maintain that land as a functioning ecosystem.

I still have high hope of tasting squab of California Condor in a fine Ohio restaurant. Only when someone is making a profit on the Condor can we know they will endure :


Another example of rapid evolution forced by a powerful government. The Silk Road project is intended to change the basis of geopolitics, moving Asia back to the center of the world’s economy and power. Notice how nature deals with human plans? Even in the rare cases where the central powers get their way, there is always a big negative. Or two, or three. Ones that everyone can recite 100 years later.

Silk Road Project seals the Chinese Communist Party’s fate. Large projects produce large graft and opportunities for insider trading. Silk Road will be the final injustice, the one most easily seen, in jurisdictions where China doesn’t control the entire information flow. More citizens abroad learn more things, have access to wider information flows, and bring expectations back with them. There have been no unitary political party control that lasted as a country went through industrialization and joined the world’s economy. The Chinese Communists wont’ either :


Another of the many bodies surrounding the Clinton scandals, also ignored by legacy media. Another of the Deep State’s victims :


Airlines have learned something from eBay, you can choose to be in a continuous auction up to boarding the airplane :


Global business must localize, it isn’t easy satisfying everyone :


This is an insightful article, India’s version of “Nickled and Dimed” :



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