Daily Reading #15E

Charles Hugh Smith’s new book is excellent :


George, Jason and Trish continue the open source investigation. This is the most significant, most history-changing, journalism in history. It is exposing the largest criminal conspiracy in history, organized and coordinated by the Deep State as part of their takeover of the world. It is making them all rich, also.

George now thinks that the Diplomatic Container Exception is the basis for 95+% of the value of illegal shipments internationally. Just based on illegal drugs, 100s of $Bs a year. Estimates I have seen say that sex trafficking is equal to illegal drugs, but I am not sure how reliable that is.  I have seen no figures for organ harvesting.  Low-quality and low-dose legal drugs are the legal face of the CIA’s heroin trade.  Just from the death rates, that is far more addicts than those who use illegal drugs.

Today I heard of 2 cases, both stories told to my wife, where Namenda, a drug used to treat dementia, caused the dementia, the people recovered when the drug was stopped. Suspicious, even knowing the low quality of the FDA’s clinical trials. We will know the power of the FDA by what %age of the illegal drug traffic went into their bank accounts.  No kidding, how else did major distribution of pills happen? Are there no QA steps, random checks on drug stores?  There are on gun stores, hair salons.

Rite-Aid was one of the Awan’s distribution channels is in the 4th of these.

I need to know more about donor-host tissue matching.  Using the drugs as a way of producing organ donors?  It seems like there would be a paper trail, no group could get by with it for long, relatives would catch on.  I can see how they threaten individuals and families, but that is hard to scale, and this is big business.  Probably more and more of ‘normal’ is assuming everyone is an organ donor?  There is a piece of journalism someone could do in their home town.

Anyway, at many times, it has seemed like George was way out there, but there have been no obvious failures yet.

Trish discusses the Fitzgerald. ‘Electromagnetic warfare”?? Physics I don’t know about.  But, the crowd corrects them on all this stuff, you can see the feedback. I haven’t seen any explanations wrt the Fitzgerald that I can believe yet. The standard story of a collision makes no sense at all. Either the Navy is extremely embarrassed by the reality of an amazingly slack warship that got run down by a cargo vessel on autopilot and then could not signal anything for an hour during which the cargo vessel finally decided to go back and see what happened, or something else happened.  But the Navy has explained nothing, yet.

The George, Jason, Trish open source crowd investigation is getting more and more amazing, the depth and detail of the work.  They obviously have many more insiders coming to them with bits and pieces of the story.  (What  legacy media reporter publishes their phone number? They might get bothered at home.)

This open source investigation builds credibility as it progresses, credibility the government’s Justice institutions no longer have :







More evolving information flows. Among other things learned, don’t use Google to search for products, they don’t foster competition among their advertisers :



Building terrorist psyops into society, a False Flag operation :



More on the problems cleaning up the Deep State’s mess. Empires and elites have fractured the world and prevented normal evolution of society. There were people around the world writing versions of the US constitution for their countries early in their histories, those were shut down by elites:


Diversity works fine, given Freedom.  The US has always been culturally diverse, contrary to the current anti-diversity crowd :


Very small progress toward the truth about Flight MH17. The Russians absolutely did not down MH17, it was the Ukranians. We don’t yet know how much the CIA assisted :


This is a very nice analysis of the Thucydides trap and the comparison to the US and China, Russia, BRICs, etc. now :


Scott Adams is a clever guy. This is his solution for the US vs NKorea issue :


More items for the technology palette, this one from Roman times :


Other countries are combining elements of the tech and science palettes in interesting ways :


This next article made me think about banking. The outrageous comment was “Banks are an inherently regulated industry because the government gives them the right to create money, that has to be controlled.”

The man has no concept of the world before Central Banks. Money used to be gold and letters of credit, various forms of IOUs. Banks often failed because people and governments did not repay loans, bankers can’t predict the future either and so demanded hard property as collateral for loans. That world worked fine so long as governments minted reliable gold coins, also when private companies minted reliable gold coins, even without government permission. Of course, banks could fail, but neither the gold nor the properties disappeared, so there is real individual accountability.

Not a perfect system, mostly because of the un-reliability of governments, imho. The old ways got us through the industrial revolution. Paper money is convenient, but it has allowed entirely new levels of fraud, including the Central Banks regulating the banking industry.

I am for complete deregulation. Given the internet, the TBTF banks would be in bankruptcy overnight. Without judging any other aspect of the many digital currencies, you have to say that they are a massive decentralization of the process of creating money, whose worth will be, long-term, dependent upon the productive use made of them in creating new real-wealth, goods and services enabled by those currencies and the trust people have developed in them.

No need for Central Banks, no need for TBTF organizations.

There are still levels and levels of secure exchanges of verification and validation necessary to allow this, e.g. loaning bitcoin with a piece of land as collateral. Bitcoin’s validation takes care of itself and is independent of location, but how can seller prove to lender that seller is the owner of the land and has the right to sell it, that it is suitable for the use you represent, etc.? Land is simple compared to evaluating other shared property as collateral.

Those are the services next-generation banks will provide. They will be lead investors, handle validation of the property side of the transaction, and recruit the others, == sell the loans. Not that different than now, but no money creation is necessary, beyond that built into the algorithm, the reason for computing the block chains. That separates the creation of the money from any institution and manages the transfers from individual to individual.

That is inherently local-scale, gives advantages to expert and local knowledge in local lending and is competitive at all scales.

George Webb’s version of bitcoin is that it is the currency of the black markets, world-wide Given that that will all be out in the open soon, is the proportion of bitcoin business high enough to maintain its value? Ditto for all the other digital currencies. Their worth comes from trust of buyer and seller. Without the corruption possible on the banking side, it must arise from usefulness in trade that generates wealth.

Inherently deregulated, inherently a free and open market for money.

I believe digital currencies are excellent ideas, have no opinions other than that genuine anonymity in financial transactions enable KickEnder accounts, another mechanism that will decentralize power. I have confidence in Open Trials and open investigations. Kickender is harder to judge, but equally inevitable, made possible by anonymous digital currencies, anonymous presences on the internet, software contracts and failures of formal institutions of Justice. The first three are not yet mature technologies in an ecosystem, but failures are in over-supply, low-hanging fruit to practice with.

Seems like it would have an effect on education, also. Training good judgement would be critical to avoiding injustice. Currently, elites benefit from injustices. Kickender accounts would make them subject to injustices, people disliking them generally and exaggerating guilt or crimes, for example.

Is it utopian to think that digital currencies could change everything for the better? Dystopian to think it may be a rocky road to that free future? :



More banking stuff.  The interesting part of this is the relatively small amounts.  A pound of gold is only about $1250 * 16 = $20K. 2000 pounds to a ton (probably the wrong ton, but ballpark here) is only $400,000,000. 3500 tons, ballpark, is $140,000,000,000. $140B in gold for Germany, which has a GDP of $4 trillion. 28X leverage.  I don’t know if that means anything, by the above analysis, the gold supply was always smaller than the commerce it enabled.  It always has been IOUs with enough gold to keep the system liquid.

If I were a financial genius, I would know what that means for the price of gold, as our elites continue to inflate the supply of their CB’s money, wealth production is falling, even in the flawed measure of the GDP, life gets harder for people at every level.  Even without all the crime and corruption enabled by modern communications and shipping, this period in world history would have been challenging. However it gets solved, I guarantee you war will make everything worse :


The profit-making services of the world are oriented at the people who can pay, as it should be.  The problem is the people who can pay, it used to be all of us via our family and community productivity.  All the jobs are gone, so welfare is needed, and a large government to provide the welfare and collect the taxes. And uses the large flows of money to build up militaries, follows wars, conquests, …

Civilization wins with positive-sum games.  We keep turning our back on how 20% of our societies’ total effort goes into oversight and security. Whereupon the social organizations we depend upon for simple justice are taken over by the elites.  Insane, we now have far more to fear from our elites and their Deep State than we do from local criminals.

“When ISIS Came To America” is the next act in this stage play.



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