Daily Reading #155

Someone in the Trump administration is learning to wield the bureaucracy :


The coup continues :


FM’s big list of government lies.  Yes, the gullibility of the American people is the problem, we keep believing the bastards :


The Deep States long-term psyops have paid off, the strategy of tension has divided US citizens along major fault lines:


The push to war continues, pushback also :








George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue their open source investigation. This discusses the hacks of the shipping automation system :





One of the implications of George’s probable discovery of the ratline running 1/4 and 1/2 strength drugs, including opiates, into the US and through the VA is that it could not control all drug suppliers. Thus, veterans taking the weak drugs through the VA would be exposed to the stronger dose through their regular drug store, perhaps through one of the VA’s other suppliers. Thus the very high overdose death rates among veterans. Possibly also regular distribution channels, drug stores. If your drug store distributes generics, you could be getting different doses with every prescription.

While I was driving today, listening to the National Propaganda Radio ‘news’, I heard a report about how unpopular President Trump was around the world, how unfavorably he compared to Obama, how only Republicans were still supporters, independents had abandoned him.  And, how bad mid-term elections must look for Republicans, the President being so unpopular.

Never a word about 5 successive losses of between-term special elections, some in districts Obama carried. There is an interesting story in all of this, about the disconnect between polls and vote totals and another between reality and legacy media, but it isn’t what NPR wanted to talk about.

Trump was not my first choice for President, that man wasn’t running. But Trump is nevertheless, as bad as he is, far better than Hillary Clinton could possibly have been.  He isn’t the Deep State’s representative, he is opposing their continuing coup, not aiding and abetting it. Clinton was the Deep State’s representative and is still aiding and abetting the coup :


The real resistance, the resistance to the Deep State, continues to coalesce and understand the enemy we face :




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