Daily Reading #14E

The push to war’s explanations don’t make sense.  The Independent has more explanations for why the US attacked the Syrian plane :


All intermixed with the domestic political craziness, the slow coup by the Deep State :


The best explanation for the Sandy Hook series of hoaxes I have read is that it was a way of teaching the disaffected crazies how to express themselves, thus fomenting this kind of killing, ratcheting radical acts on every side.  This is the ‘strategy of tension’ discussed in the CIA documentary I linked to last week.

I predict that the left will resort to terror bombings before the year is out, puppets for the CIA as the CIA has done around the world in their process of taking over governments.

Justin Raimondo is a long-time leader in the antiwar movement, solidly anti-authoritarian in his thinking :



We are on the standard failing empire track, which will leave us with many competent enemies at the same time as our military fails for lack of resources :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron and their internet researchers continue the investigation. Oh, no, the CIA, etc. operatives aren’t evil, they are just running the human sex trafficking and organ harvesting ratlines to pay for their important operations of planting bombs everywhere, and all the murders are just a minor side-effect. George is a sharp thinker, he can’t believe that. Such a subtle way of making the point while appearing to be a peace-maker.

No compromise is possible with anyone who believes the end justifies the means. Hang them all, even hinting that is at all exculpatory to illegal actions by any government personnel should add 10 years to any sentence, minimum.

Audience feedback in the 4th of these, for the 2nd time in a day, they run across someone watching the live stream while recording the live stream on the street. That is possibly a first for any open source investigation.

These guys are putting on a road show. The evolution of alt-media continues :





The reality of NADRA for Pakistani citizens, just another method of extracting bribes :


Resistance to the US/UK/Israel attempts to achieve hegemony rises around the world :


No, the Deep State isn’t this innocent.  Most are, of course, but the CIA has infiltrated all of the other branches of government, and the core CIA has people who do not follow any law :



Yes, atrocities, death squads, assassinations all around the world, since the beginning of the CIA. And they have influenced US politics ever since the beginning of the agency, this is the first time being so out in the open about it. Glen Greenwald is solid :


Also, this article doesn’t discuss the fact that NSA shares data with allies, and uses allies to do the spying that NSA is prohibited from doing within the US. I think it very likely that NSA’s recordings of Merkel’s phone calls were freely shared with German intelligence :


50 underground bunkers for the elites in case of war. They don’t think they will die, making it easier to understand the incitments to war :


Charles Hugh Smith understands system dynamics.  Of course automation continues as fast as it is economic, it always has.  That is why we are so wealthy in goods compared to previous generations, generating wealth is cheaper than ever.  That is all normal. What isn’t normal is jobs not being generated to make use of the now-cheaper labor :


Jobs in the 3rd world will fail faster than in the first or 2nd :



Peter Turchin is a leader in applying detailed quantitative analysis of social and economic aspects of nation shapes in determining history.  Serious thinking, the best explanation of the reason the Democratic Party has been losing elections, and even the crazies’ comments are erudite.  The next-to-last recounts the dismal record medicine and government have in prescribing a good diet. The last of these is a brilliant bit of social science that would have (if anyone had known to look) predicted Clinton’s defeat :








Lies everywhere, it is completely normal.  Faked test results apparently ditto :



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