Daily Reading #14D

The push to war continues :




Voltaire.net is a solid source of information and analysis. This has a good chance of being true, I think. Pieces of this have appeared there in the last year, a very different view of the ME players than I find anywhere else.

I have no clue about how to reconcile this likely accurate view with the push to war above, although the ending “If the Pentagon follows orders” may have clues :


And you have to say that the countries among our intended enemies are playing their hand far better than the US is doing :


The CIA’s many programs of terror and drug trafficking are wars against all of humanity, including US citizens.  We need to end the bastards and their institutions :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue their leadership of an open source investigation :






The Democrats tried hard to steal elections :


Historical context for pre-revolutionary situations, analysis of the US’s trajectory. My additional thought is “They didn’t have an internet, it changes everything” :


More corrupt organizations affiliated with US Senators :


Look at how well our foreign policy has worked :


Social policy also. We live in a world that tracks every individual 24×7, yet still requires bail, a world that has intricate rules for everything, all of which work against individuals maintaining stable lives :


At the same time that poor people spend months in jail because they can’t make bail, banksters defraud $ms from 100s of 1000s of people, and not one has ever been charged with anything. Worst case, the bank has to pay a fine if caught.

This is a fubared system we live within :


Another phenomena added to the science palette, a candidate for the technology palette, from which we construct our futures :



And another to the social palette :


After the 1950s, I think there are too many paper records to get away with lies about your family history, at least if you become anyone important enough to be scrutinized. Of course, there are records from much further back, even in war-torn Poland. Lies don’t work so well if there are records :


Also, there is too much electronic, stored evidence to allow nations to get away with much. This is the track of the ACK Crystal, the ‘cargo ship’ that collided with the USS Fitzgerald. From other threads, it seems the Crystal’s irregular course was it going back to find and assist the Fitzgerald. But, surely it knew where the Fitzgerald was, they have radar too? Surely radar is a condition of insurance, and no boat goes without insurance. Nothing about this story makes sense yet.

Obviously, just plotting a ship’s track tells you a great deal about what business drives it. Everyone’s intelligence agencies used to know, and now everyone knows. Nothing hides from satellite, I am sure there are ship-tracking services.

There really can be no excuse for a Navy destroyer being t-boned by a cargo vessel, so you can expect some fancy lies as this unfolds, revealed one at a time in subsequent weeks :


This is security issues for products in the modern world, probably leaked by the security group to brag about how impressive they are :


Jeh Johnson’s testimony on “Russian Hacking”. Without discussing the politics of the situation, I ask myself “How much does it cost to hire some people on the network to attempt to hack a network address?”, “What technology makes it possible for NSA to track a network connection back to the ultimate source computer, given so many layered cloaking technologies?” and “Did I not read about the CIA and NSA having tools to mimic being hackers from other nations?”.

I know the answer to those questions from long work on internet products and even a year working on deep packet inspection systems, and they do not favor any judgement of “The Russians Did It”.

As for “scale and scope”, be serious. Given an IP address, initial scans are entirely automated. You can hire Amazon cloud servers for $1/hour, cheaper in ISPs all around the world, using bitcoin.  In other words, an careful entity, wishing to remain anonymous while doing anything on the net, is not detectable proportional to care and spending. Attack is scalable with addition of money, defense not so much.

No doubt, there are hackers in every country, some of every kind. Also, no doubt, state actors acting as other state actors. Who is who is difficult :


This is great :


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