Daily Reading #14B

America’s Deep State continues to push for a major conflict with Russia.  The US shot down a Syrian plane bombing ISIS on its Syrian territory.  This is insane :


Cannabis is an anti-aging drug :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Negron continue their investigation :







All of America’s allies have funded terrorists and terrorism, after which the security services get huge increases in budget to prevent terrorist attacks :


The idea that intelligence services can detect planning for terrorist attacks and thus prevent them is wrong, no matter how much information nor how many analysts are devoted to the problem.  OTOH, terrorism can largely be prevented by avoiding the reasons for cults of victimhood, by serious integration of peoples in communities. That takes communities, which have largely been obsoleted by government programs:



No, not 2009. The underlying motive was 9/11, later Sandy Hoaxen.  By the time of the Ukrainian US-induced ‘revolution’, government stories were completely disconnected from events, and they didn’t even try to make them consistent, the legacy media told only their side of things, there was no longer any serious investigative reporting in them. E.g. where did Sy Hersh go and why?

You have to admire the way this conflates distrust of the press with distrust of leaks, Snowden with the anonymous sources attacking Trump, and Reality Winner’s files with real intelligence data.  Masterful propaganda :


A reminder that false flags leave evidence, always :


This is excellent news.  When these investigators tie it all to the opioids imported by the Awan brothers, we will be able to get on with cleaning out the corruption in our Stasis Quo :


Henry Kissinger doesn’t play international diplomacy nearly as well as he wants everyone to believe, his record is lousy :


Foreign policy is an attempt to manage the un-manageable.  While this is correct wrt policy vs tactics, it is as dumb as anything else, as it assumes it is possible to translate policy into effective action :


People apparently have no idea what to do in a fire.  Use a wet cloth to filter the air, wet clothes to deal with the heat, and get out, fast.  Of course, residents had been told to stay in their apartments. This is the firefighter’s side of the story :


Genetic diversity == raw material for genetic engineering.  Every lost species is an opportunity cost.  People like this are important for the future of humanity :


Specialty crops, heritage/ancient/wild + organic is a win, again and again.  Sometimes they take a while to accumulate the necessary information, but both biological farming movement and specialty-crops are major trends.  We are still on the leading edge of all that, biological, eco-system farming is not even 1% of farms, tho they are likely the most profitable farms in the county.  Every one of these guys is a source of agricultural startups, testing new ideas, so this is out-evolving standard FDA factory farming :

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