Daily Reading #14A

The push to war continues. Every such expression of opposition to the CIA’s attempted world-wide hegemony produces an over-reaction, this will also :



Another fine CHSmith essay, very polished.  He must have a new book, I need to read it :


George Webb’s open source investigations continue. Very impressive progress. This has McClatchy confirming Webb’s information that the Awan shipments were in ‘diplomatic containers’. Closer and closer to direct links to Clinton, who ran the state department. State is in charge of diplomatic passports, right?

My only criticism of this is they don’t seem to know much nuclear physics, so their description of radiation detection, X-ray devices, etc and what is going on doesn’t make sense to me.

But that is very minor, big picture. George Webb and his associates are making the Stasis Quo, especially the journalism division, look stupid, ignorant, people of no integrity, imagination or inquisitiveness. Big means not caring. George, Jason and Trish are making history, are the biggest people in investigative journalism, whatever the media, legacy- or alt-.

You know that by the quality of the people following up George’s real leads. McLatchy is the latest.

George doesn’t make it clear, but by this time everyone must realize that George and his sources are playing a deep game.  George’s new obsession with his defense is entirely attack on the Deep State, and this charge they laid on him to blacken his name is the vehicle, the small crack in the legal system which George will now use his crowd to attack. It was clearly organized by our FBI, and that is discoverable.  From that spring other law suits.  All sorts of discovery comes out of this case, given willing volunteers to file FOIAs, etc.  He has those, also the standard groups.  Today’s series gives the specific items of information that need to be collated to begin that process.

I tell you folks, this is historic. The modern American version of the Dreyfus Affair, George is the first internet-age Zola :








Hard data on Pizzagate and the relationships George is discussing with the intelligence community/deep state :




Start this at 31 minutes, where he quickly summarizes, and run at 1.5x speed.  Stranahan is both slow and infinitely digressive.  If he didn’t do great work, was not one of the really important people in the alt-media, I would never listen. I sample his stuff, this is relevant to George Webb, et al :


The deranged left and the people who believe their propaganda vs think-for-yourself America, who support Trump because he was by far the best alternative and because he is doing OK, possibly great, depending on how some things work out, despite the vitriol poured on him from every side :



Robert Meuller is a political hack, a specialist in coverup, who consistently acts in the Deep State-CIA interests :


BTW.  This next is an example of the many links I follow and copy from NakedCapitalism.com.  They publish their own essays, and also have many good links.  I have often commented on the overlap of links with intelligent patriot sites such as Western Rifle Shooters Association. Progressive sites are inching up on acknowledging the reality of 9-11 as a false flag event faster than many conservative and patriot sites, far faster than the Libertarians, for example.  Social scientists should be having a field-day with all the new data. They don’t specifically say it, but this is a measure of how the Deep State’s propaganda and media dominance is not having the intended consequences. They are over the top with the propaganda, and the internet is debunking it all :


This is very interesting, the detail of what is known about ecosystems in the last 100K years, the rapid fluctuations in populations, the rapid evolution of species, how many lost :



Large scale means uncaring, every time :




The internet continues to give citizens more avenues to express their opinion in ways that matter.  Very positive developments, imho.  I rarely listen to any of them, but the very marked bias pro-Clinton and anti-Trump in the entire media is beyond obvious. Rachel Maddow is often solid on civil rights, but otherwise seems to me to be primarily a propagandist, secondarily a commentator, only lastly a reporter.  She can be very logical, or not, depending on what she is talking about.  Impressive mind, really, but very very biased.  We should not, of course, silence her, but the left should not be silencing FOX or anyone else, either.  Thus the demonstration of citizen power is salutary for all concerned :


Reading comments is often worthwhile, zerohedge.com has fine commenters. Here they go into the ethics and morality of our recently-dead sailors and the professional army :


Another.  A thought I had here is that Mueller covers two avenues at once : can he take jurisdiction over the Lynch investigation and others, then cover them up? :


More old tech :



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