Daily Reading #149

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Negron continue doing crowd sourced investigative journalism, as compared to the NYTimes and CNN. This, pedogate, 9-11 and Sandy Hook are the most important, best-documented threads that will bring down the CIA-Clinton crime cabal :





So amazing, George set up the NYTimes on the Maersk Memphis radiation dirty bomb story. I just absolutely love these guys. George clearly represents some relatively good guys in our intelligence/police agencies, and now crowd-sourced intelligence is combining with their best insights. Truly, this CIA-Clinton Crime Cabal is the biggest criminal conspiracy in history, and the legitimate world is combining to bring them down :






Supporting documentation for the Webb-Goodman-Negron investigation :


Take your kid out of school. Our cultural emphasis on SAT scores produces ‘smart fools’, when we should be focused on producing wise people of great integrity :



Clinton has had a long friendship with sex traffickers and organ harvesters :


Those have a long history in intelligence services and political circles :


Very likely in the Ukraine, also. Serious historians are beginning to write about the situation there, the story is not at all what the NYTimes and other pro-CIA publications depict :


And documentary makers.  Love it that they named an award for investigative journalism for Gary Webb, a permanent stick in the eye of our legacy media who hounded him to death, recanted on his honest reporting of the CIA’s trafficking cocaine into LA, and published false stories to benefit the CIA :




Liz Crokin is another solid investigator, this is now a standard story. She presents evidence that child sex trafficking is the reason the Deep State is out in the open, obviously controlling the news and the attacks on journalists. 6000 pedophiles arrested since Trump took office.  Trump said he was going to pursue sex and child trafficking, Sessions repeated that to the LEOs recently. MSM doesn’t cover any of this, of course.

Liz is wrong about the George Webb phenomena.  I don’t have a complete explanation of Webb’s apparent expertise, she is right about that.

But ‘circus’ is opinion. Imho, these are people doing citizen journalism.  She is a professional, their non-expertise offends her, and the fact that he breaks so much serious news anyway must grate upon her sense of how the world should work, what is natural. I see them clearly being inspired amateurs, their authenticity comes through everywhere. Liz applies the standards of a professional, wrong measures.  Professional isn’t why they are important, leaders of a crowd source investigation is why they are important. Liz doesn’t get it yet, she thinks in terms of reporters giving reports to editors who control printing, all of them being gate-keepers. So old-think.

Webb, whatever else he turns out to be, is an inspired amateur, no intelligence operative would behave anyplace close to that.  You can’t feign his amount of knowledge, obvious limitations in knowledge, openness, honesty and searching for truth over 235 days of video blogs of investigation. Jason, Trish, George, these are all real people with real backgrounds applying their various talents to the investigation, amalgamating the knowledge, expertise and research of 100s of people on the net directly in contact with them, and 10s of 1000s in aggregate, behind the various open source investigations.

Again, I say this is a development in our political universe that changes the future, dramatically, historically, new-era class.  I feel very privileged to be alive to see this new era emerge, a direct result of the opposing forces.  Clearly another confirmation of Discordianism, which I suspect George is also an adherent of, given his example of the Russian sniper corps emerging from the combined opposition of both the enemy and their own army, the only empirically valid religion. He makes this point often in these videos.

He may claim to be Jewish, but thinks and acts Discordian. Serious thinker-realists often are, you know? :


This is another excellent analysis by Thierry Meyssan, a Frenchman of ME ancestry and a specialist on ME affairs. It presents the big-picture, long-term foreign policy agendas of the various players, best analysis I have seen. The Bilderberg group is a CIA-MI6 creation, and the Muslim Brotherhood has been one of their tools since the beginning :


Mattis’ claims are correct, but given US debt, perhaps we should change our foreign policy goals, thus military commitments, instead of spending more on the military? US military capability trends are down, potential opponent’s military capabilities are up. The inevitable result of the current ‘strategy’ is to have no military capability at the point of maximum enemies.  Military spending is a major component of the debt, which is destroying our future. That can’t be good for the military either :


More reality you won’t read in the NYTimes :


Yet another analysis that concludes the government has escaped the Constitution, and asks “What next?” :


If you move decisions into a political framework, reality gets ignored.  Centralization of power makes everything political, another reason it cannot work and does not work :



I just received CHSmith’s “Musings” emailing.  Charles is a very solid thinker, and this was both some of his best thinking and polished piece of work, thinking through the problems of expertise in the modern age, so I expect it will go into a book soon.  But, you should contribute to Charles and get on his mailing list, otherwise you might miss stuff like this. Charles is one of the people both diagnosing and prescribing in ways that individuals can implement, and who is living by his prescriptions. Brains plus experience plus skin in the game are required for wisdom.

I watch a lot of ‘primitive technology’ videos. Not so primitive, quite often :


I hadn’t seen Russel Brand lately, one of the better thinkers in the new media. Overthrowing the elite’s religion, which they depend upon for their income and social dominance, will take a while :


Julian Assange is a solid thinker. Zizek, only sometimes. Interesting discussion, lousy sound, worse text track :


The problem here is knowing the reasons for the decision.  What seems stupid to you may be brilliant under a different set of assumptions, e.g. our wars spreading terrorism instead of ending it; our policing spreading gang violence instead of reducing it; the war on drug making drugs cheaper, purer and more available at the same time; reforms of education reducing students’ general intellectual capacity; the many, many layers of reform in every public institution and the best you can say is “they haven’t worked”. Many oligarchs have achieved great wealth on each side of those efforts :


One of the interesting effects of Youtube is the growing realization that all animals have friendships and empathy, and that those extend across species if conditions permit.  It gives me hope we will ultimately extend friendship and empathy to all of our own species :


This is a clever study.  However, I would not allow my fetus to be ultrasounded, there were other studies showing it disrupts neural development :


Excellent work, genetics and autism, nuclear and mitochondrial genes interacting. The next thing is to explain how autistic spectrum produces savant minds, and whether high intelligence, athletic ability, or other traits are a result of positive ‘synergistic heterozygosity’ :


The story of human evolution continues to be complicated, more sources of DNA and more archaeology have not reduced that.  Homo Naledi is perhaps 300K years old, a new fact I hadn’t seen :


Cultural memes continue to recombine and mutate, amazing results. Unique hairstyles. Everyone will agree on ‘amazing’, and that it isn’t synonymous with ‘good’ :


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