Daily Reading #147

Trump is the third President in a row who promised to end the wars and has ended up extending them in time and space.  This explains that via quite a different view of the US strategy in Afghanistan.  Truly, our government has a genius in choosing the wrong allies, tho the CIA is making gobs of cash from the opium-heroin trade.  Read this, you can’t believe or military is any smarter than any other part of the government. We are represented around the world by people who do not grasp the reality of the social context, and wonder why we lose the wars so consistently.

That is even before the money and careers to be made by the MIC have their influence. Our society is FUBARed by centralization and elites :



Robert Gore at Straight Line Logic points out how we in the reality-based community have such an advantage over the ‘create your own facts’ crowd. Honesty, integrity, reality and character are the foundations of the reformation, happening here before you, replacing the world that fantasy built :


The FBI has not always been seen as noble police :


I include this Webb, Goodman and Negron link again, in case you missed it.  This one was the discussion of the possibility of the dirty bomb on the Maersk-Memphis.  There were more than 2000 people watching this live stream.  As I write this, I don’t know the result of that.

If I were an oligarch or minion, I would see the phenomena of crowd sourcing truth as a serious threat, and a reason to speed up the CIA’s timeline.  Story lines the Stasis Quo depend upon are being exposed as strange, at least, very likely criminal.  The criminals are outside of any possible civilization, a symptom of which is that governments are out of control of their citizens.

Crowd sourcing research and analysis and live streams are combining to push a serious investigation of the largest criminal conspiracies in human history, in the face of failed political, police and judicial systems.  Crimes include taking over entire countries using US and NATO forces for the gain of individuals in the oligarchy, with drug, child, sex and child sex trafficking, organ harvesting, large-scale blackmail, testing vaccines in violation of human rights, and greatly enhanced death rates for anyone who opposes or exposes them. Suicides, strange accidents and random murders are surprisingly common among people who report on any of those issues above.

This view, this understanding of the reality that we live within, the state of our society and government, is gaining ground, citizens are paying attention and the voters are beginning to push politicians.  The result of George’s visits to Congress are that 40 CongressCritters cannot plead ignorance.  More on-line publications are picking up the threads of the story, more reporting is being done, more investigations.

Further, it is easily seen that the attacks on Trump are part of the coverup, that Flynn was likely most knowledgeable among the insiders wrt these criminal conspiracies.  Meuller’s giving ALL OF THE CRIMINALS blanket immunity should be generating outrage in every editorial, not a peep from legacy media.

Exciting times! Just what they always warn about :



The Crowd Source The Truth group now has 1-2000 people following the live discussions and 15,000 views within a few days. We are seeing the news unfold in real time, real people doing their jobs, obviously good people and no one perfect, as well as all of the attempts to destroy the investigators. Historic in itself, and the American voters becoming more sophisticated by the day will have its own effects. This is the new journalism, personal, understanding as that happens, and everything put in the largest context. All simultaneously. Good bye, NYTimes, WaPo, et al :



Stolen from NakedCapitalism.com today.  NC has excellent links and their own posts.  I feel guilty stealing from them 2 days in a row, but as I was looking for the original to one of their quotes, I find another web sites that copies NC entirely, apparently every day. The internet does not have a common understanding of intellectual property, I think :

“Trump voters are more informed about the elites than are the elites about them. Trump voters see the elites on network and cable news and late-night talk shows. They encounter them in the dominant print media. And they take in the elite sensibility through feature films, and television sitcoms and dramas. In contrast, members of the so-called knowledge class seldom acquire more than a passing acquaintance with those in “flyover country,” their dismissive term for the approximately 2,600 of 3,100 counties—or 84 percent of the geographic United States— where Donald Trump bested Hillary Clinton. Knowledge of how the other half lives and thinks is one glaring hole of elite education” [RealClearPolitics]. “Defective political judgment, the [Brookings] authors recognize, also afflicts elites: ‘If anything, wealthier and better-educated voters are often more, rather than less, subject to partisanship, systematic bias, rationalization, and overconfidence in inaccurate beliefs,’ they write. The Brookings fellows nevertheless insist that career politicians, party officials, policy experts, and lawyers bring knowledge of institutional arrangements, complex trade-offs, and technical detail that are essential to good government.” The report: “More professionalism, less populism: How voting makes us stupid, and what to do about it” (PDF) [Brookings Institute].

And another section from NC yesterday, putting to rest the law suit against Trump for accepting money from overseas via his businesses. This is more BS, Stasis Quo against Trump.  I remind you that NC is a Progressive publication, and proud of it, certainly are not Trump supporters :

“Nearly 200 Democratic members of Congress filed a lawsuit against President Trump on Wednesday morning alleging that his continued ties to his business empire violate the U.S. Constitution” [USA Today]. “The unprecedented legal action accuses Trump of violating the Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits federal officials from accepting gifts or titles from foreign governments without congressional approval. The lawsuit will have the greatest number of congressional plaintiffs of any lawsuit against the president in the nation’s history, according to Michigan Rep. John Conyers, the House Judiciary Committee’s top-ranking Democrat. ‘We do this not out of any sense of pleasure or partisanship, but because President Trump has left us with no other option,” he said.’” Oh, please. See NC here, here, here, and today. Again, constitutional issues aside, I would urge that any oligarch elected to office would have conflicts of exactly the same nature; they own too much! So the real issue is: Should any oligarch be President? A question the Democrats don’t ask, probably because they can’t answer it.

(There was a link to the pdf, but the URL was so strange and didn’t work for one of my browsers, so I didn’t include it.  NakedCapitalism had it.)

The many people who have looked at the RussiaGate claims, and find no evidence. The 27 claims debunked, in detail, in a crowd sourced effort. Crowd sourcing, combining everyone’s understanding on a problem and keeping the synthesis up to date with people’s further thoughts, is becoming a standard approach in the new journalism.

I have said for years that the internet was the medium that allowed long, connected interchanges, so the issues get thoroughly discussed and the reality assessed in depth, as compared to a party or casual get-together where the topic gets changed a dozen times before the N people go on to other conversations.

Anyone who reads this has a link (I have linked to one other like this, I believe) to the best refutations of all of the RussiaGate claims. Without real evidence, Trump and campaign had no more to do with foreign countries than is normal for any campaign.

I still have not seen that Flynn did anything seriously wrong. Any rational person would argue against Gulan, part of the CIA’s ratlines, you didn’t have to be paid by Erdogan. Likely he knew about Gulan-CIA and opposed it. Thus, Flynn had to go, quick. There is another topic, could use a timeline, etc. for crowd sourcing another truth :


But the empty claims never stop, and I read an NYTimes article that assumed the truth of the many allegations, considered the effect on allies.  Stupid.  This is yet more evidence-free journalism supporting the Deep States’ “The Russians overwhelmed our feeble defenses and hacked the US elections” psyop intended to lead to the impeachment of Trump :


How can our supposedly-free press not be all over this conflict of interest? Trump’s business interests involve foreign countries? Great, that is a conflict of interest on the side of peace.  The people who started this country were in favour of free trade, several of them were smugglers :


If there is no collusion, how can there be obstruction of an investigation of the collusion? Deep State takedown of the US, is he only thing that makes sense.  When I go through the headlines off of news.google.com, I have to believe I am living in a parallel universe, not their universe, because those headlines make no sense to me.  How can these leaks be happening? Especially when there is zero chance of it producing anything, without recordings, it is one person’s word against another. Trump vs Comey or Trump vs Mueller, Trump has the better record :



Ian Welsh is right about this.  If the supposed-left, Deep State-influenced political leaders and legacy media really believed Trump was a problem for the reasons they propose, Pence would be much worse than Trump :


Nature is amazing, evolution produces interesting things :


This is good and fun, morality arose early in evolution :


This is an excellent talk.  Indians are not different, this works everywhere :


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