Daily Reading #146

I strongly recommend this documentary on the CIA and its many evils :

The Deep State does not confine its efforts to countries, religions are fair game :


There are not many political efforts I can get behind.  This is low-cost, high-impact and could make the difference.  If something like this doesn’t succeed, we will need a shooting revolution, those rarely produce the desired results :


George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Nigron continue their connecting the many threads of opposition in their open source investigations.  This is historic, kid you not, the world is a different place today as a result of their efforts.  So obvious, in retrospect, so inevitable. The Generalissimo discussed many aspects of the evolution :




George predicts a dirty bomb false flag in the near future :


These are the Harvard/Yale lawyers suing the DNC, are now asking the court for protection. They fear for their lives, after seeing so many deaths of lawyers and people opposing the DNC :


Clinton’s foreign policy continues.  The US allows ISIS to escape wherever possible, I read that many are being shipped to the Philippines to punish Duterte :


And the CIA’s coup continues :



And the propaganda necessary for that campaign :


Despite the repeated debunking of the base claim of “The Russians determined the US election” :


The guy first checks “Democrats or Republicans”, then fires 50 shots, no one killed. Without even checking, you know it was a leftist shooting Republicans. If Democrats do not accommodate themselves to the loss of the election, and sever ties with the CIA, they will be destroyed, figuratively and literally, in the coming troubles.  Also the CIA, of course, but they have less to lose, as so many will hang for 9-11, pedophilia, and the many murders, e.g. Seth Rich :


NakedCapitalism published this, ZeroHedge linked to it.  The evolution of alt-media is a wonder, this is a new control system, larger scale involvement of individuals than ever before.  Any one of us effectively generates ink and photons by the barrel, we all have our own publications, thanks to the many varieties of social media and blogging sites. Ink and photons are no longer the scarce resource, now it is people’s attention.  The new stuff is crowding out the legacy media, in this end game end of era, reduced to propaganda defending the Stasis Quo.

The major effect of these new information flows is that people’s evaluation of their information sources is much more sophisticated.  For example :


As compared to MSM’s massive bias to those who pay them :


Independent journalists appear to be doing well, and are by far the most interesting part of the information flows :


Stolen from NakedCapitalism :

Federal judges order California to expand prison releases LA Times. “Most of those prisoners now work as groundskeepers, janitors and in prison kitchens, with wages that range from 8 cents to 37 cents per hour. Lawyers for Attorney General Kamala Harris had argued in court that if forced to release these inmates early, prisons would lose an important labor pool.” Liberal rising star Kamala Harris’s views on slavery “an important labor pool” dovetail rather too neatly with liberal Hillary Clinton’s use of slaves prison labor in Arkansas, don’t they?


The Sicilian mafia got its start in lemon groves. Evolution needs an energy source and an environment that isn’t too extreme, e.g. liquid water.  Given those, new species arise consistently.  If society tolerates any dishonesty, the ecosystem will include a variety of mafia. Italy has not eliminated the Palermo mafias in 100 years of effort :


This is the Stasis Quo perpetuating themselves, favoring their kids over ours :


The US is not the only country with problems of poorly documented citizens :


Ditto problems of the legal justice system :


This is total BS, for the reasons in the video, which I linked yesterday :



A likely beginning to the economic collapse.  When people realized that the US’s FDIC has about .001% of the amount necessary to refund deposits up to $50K (I sort-of remember it was increased), we too will have runs on weak banks.  I predict 6 months, 12 max, to the first of those :


Bernie had all the smart IT guys.  If they follow the Jason Goodman model, they don’t need nearly the cash flow to support a campaign.  The DNC can’t be allowed to collapse, it is the fig-leaf covering the CIA’s coup attempt.  It also can’t be reformed, the CIA’s forces control it.  Nevertheless, I think there won’t be any more Democratic presidents. :


This is an excellent discussion of the strengths of the left, funded by Soros et al.  I still think that Soros’s interests are suspiciously well aligned with the CIA, although he may be controlling the CIA, not vv :


Contrary to our legacy media, Trump is indeed a lawless president, but only in the same standard way of all President’s, which the legacy media and other minions of the oligarchy fully approve of :


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