Daily Reading #145

The Great Global Warming Swindle :

George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Nigron, et all :



Missing 235.2.


Amazing progress in unraveling this amazing corruption in the entire society, and Webb has done more to push it than any other reporter.  The understanding that the Russians have the only independent source of information about all this, and that is why the need to push them away from Americans, happened in this video :


More of George’s background, what a saga! :





9-11 and Pedogate are tied together, explicit charges of high officials. Cynthia McKinney and Robert David Steele, all of the opposition is coming together. Kid you not people, this is historic.  This is the formation of the new order, the reformation, the people taking back their government :


Consequences of the corruption :




Two more examples of the Stasis Quo abandoning the Clintons.  One interpretation is that they see the charges coming, the Clintons are no longer a political power in the US :

The sad spectacle of Hillary Clinton’s slow-motion breakdown McClatchy

Can Hillary Clinton Please Go Quietly into the Night? Vanity Fair (Re Silc).

Wayne Madsen is a fine reporter and a good mind.  However, this reveals him to be a literary intellectual, not a scientifically-trained thinker.  First, his use of labels is a bit sloppy, e.g. ‘fascist’ for Trump’s admin.  ‘Authoritarian’, not fascist, and that personality, not even clearly authoritarian as a tendency, much less a general ideology or policy bias, we haven’t seen enough actual legislation and policies to judge.  Besides which, socialist vs fascist is not the important dimension of discussion, which he would know if he had a modern scientific education. Those are both varieties of centralization of power, and it is centralization that cannot work, as it requires much higher flows of information and impossible computations.  That is solid theory confirmed by experience, all civilizations which have attempted centralized control of society or economy have failed.  The details of the particular ideology that put them on the general road to failure is less interesting than the fact that they are trending down :


The propaganda war against the Trump Presidency has not been inhibited by the complete lack of evidence :


More conspiracies :


CIA torturers now run the agency :


From deep in the pre-Rock’n’Roll eras, the old cultures live, sort-of, modified in every generation, as always :


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