Daily Reading #141


George Webb, Jason Goodman, etc.  Jason is editing today, and George is sleuthing, on his way to o Maryland to investigate the death of Molly Macauley, the expert in satellite economics, who is hypothesized to have been a problem for the Clinton-CIA-ISI-Awad spy network’s acquisition of the US data.

Not such an exciting day, but his explanations continue to enlighten.  Also, it seems to me that his management style “could someone please find this or do this?” must be working as well as the average bureaucrat’s assistants, with the additional advantage of the internet’s researchers showing so much initiative, as tho they care.

In the months after Webb first attracted attention, the question was “Where is Libya’s gold?”. Also, the problem of Kaddafi’s wealth in BSC, etc. and where it was moved, but George claimed it had been, I never saw evidence.  So money and gold may have been taken from the country, we don’t know, but the scale of the fraud is clearly enormous.  The market for transplant organs is very large relative to the supply, what with so many post-WWII people aging and an expanding population.  $250K for a heart, etc. that is more expensive than an equivalent weight of cocaine or heroin.

The CIA is a major element of all that.  They are in the business of taking countries down for profit. They will hang if they lose.

I believe all that is the proper framework, the context, which allows understanding what is happening in this country, the ‘news’ and commentary.

I had independently decided ‘intelligence agencies’ were the prime movers, adopted ‘Deep State’ after I read some of Professor Scot’s work.  I had long realized they had a major role in the drug traffic in the US, must be taking profits.  Then the many cases of pedophiles in high positions around the world, Epstein, Clintons’ association with CIA and Epstein, … had made me sure it was being used in blackmail.  More recently, the many obvious attempts of the Deep State to influence the elections. Then George Webb came along and explained it all much better than I understood :















The ‘Reality Winner’ leak to the Intercept is a psyop, obviously. Too bad about the Intercept having NSA and CIA assets working for it, I bet that inhibits their ability to do real journalism. Greenwald, at least, was once outstanding, ditto a couple of the other notables.  But they have new people who do not impress with unbiased insight, and even Greenwald has not been so impressive of late :



Opposition to NATO expansion, viewed as expansion of the US hegemony, is building :



Anyone who opposes the US’s hegemony will be taken out, one method or another. Duterte dissed the US, is siding with China, and thus ISIS is taking over his country.  It will be hilarious if Chinese troops are used to correct the situation :


Scott Adams’ view is interesting, that too-complex situations favor everyone defaulting to confirmation bias. His discussion of the ‘honest loyalty’ conversation between Trump and Comey is off-base because he assumes Comey is honest. Honest is not what is suggested by Comey’s career :


George Webb recommended Llionel Nation. Guy is solid and coherent, an organized explainer, but this is talk radio, the slow speech, continuous digression mode and the low information bit-rate drive me crazy. It is a format for people who are doing some work that doesn’t occupy their mind, but they can’t spare enough attention to do anything serious. Driving, for me, makes me listen to the radio. But I can’t program or write and listen to people talking.

Otoh, continuing to listen to him, I can see how a person who listens to this quality of talk radio may well end up with a better understanding of some things than I have from all of my reading. His style is continuous digression which is continuous perspective. He constructs a mental world, and it is factual, I believe. A mix of training in how to think clearly and facts and perspectives. He is a commentator more than investigator :


It is easier to support the prediction of an global Ice Age than a warm spell :




The “Fast and Furious” investigation is completed, but no charges have been file against any of the people in government who broke so many laws, causing so many Mexican deaths and more than a few on the US side, including a border patrol agent :


New views of cognition, are tools such as nets, axes and webs extensions of our physical capabilities and also our mental processes ? :


Algorithms to avoid gerrymandering :


Scotch tape has produced so many advances in materials science. There is a lot of genuinely new materials science in the last few years, finding entirely new physical properties. We are far from the ultimate semiconductor or the ultimate electronic or magnetic memory structure :



France is marginally functioning, some parts not at all functional :


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