Daily Reading #140

George Webb is correct, I believe, in predicting that the Deep State is still trying to impeach Trump. I don’t see that this is possible, but, of course, we don’t know how many of our Congressmen have been compromised in Brownstone operations, so the Deep State may have better estimates of the probabilities. I find it completely astonishing that such obvious propaganda plays can have any effect at all on political opinion :


George Webb, Jason Goodman and Trish Nigron. This is the Snowden-class revelation that is a major reason for Trump’s impeachment. The Deep State has implemented universal surveillance, the ability to track individuals. It is the reason the drone strikes are possible, and the complete destruction of any individual anonymity at any time. Clever technology, and the reason I kept hearing about cell phones having many radios.

In one of the last of these, they bring up 9-11, make it clear it was not the government’s version of events. I got these mixed up, sorry, but Youtube is worse :

















Some I missed :


This is fairly amazing, I didn’t know about this. Clearly unConstitutional :


Clinton will only be protected via  the impeachment of Trump and stopping investigations, the Deep State can’t help her if Trump is running investigations.  Clinton is the nexus of where the Deep State is most exposed, in the mix of CIA and private mafia workings, organ harvesting, child trafficking and drug smuggling :


The US is still working to kill Syria, of course, and cooperates with ‘the rebels’, ISIS/ISIL by other names, to do so. Thus much more risk of conflict with Russia from attacking Syrian troops and positions, or from Russia attacking ‘our rebels’ :



No side in any conflict lacks for justifications for their actions :


Friendly fire continues to be a leading cause of death in war :


CHSmith writes yet another version of ‘ignoring the completely inevitable.  As a measure of how inadequate legacy media are, the fact that this is not yet obvious to everyone down to kids in kindergarten is outstanding :


This is intensive manufacturing.  Maybe it will be more efficient.  OTOH, intelligent wiring will make it very much simpler to build cars, and that would allow much more customization, e.g. build your custom car as a senior project in high school shop class :


The Democratic Party, in addition to being entirely corrupt, can’t serve both money masters and working class voters :


One by one, the states will fall into default in the order of their corruption-progressive levels. Our governments are imposing huge burdens of debt and stupidity upon their citizens.  This country is not on the way up, quite the reverse.  Better start working on your community, we all are going to need each other as the coming great retrenchment in government-supported institutions happens to us.  Hurting people cause chaos, so chaos prevention measures stop the hurt.  :


When your paycheck depends on your not understanding something, it can take a long time to understand it.  Also, of course, the CIA’s income from drugs is dependent upon the Status Quo in Afghanistan, so the war must continue :


Why competitive entities flock :


All you had to do to predict this was look at the map and understand that Qatar and Iran are separated by the width of the Persian Gulf.  Iran could not support Qatar alone, but Russia and Iran are already partners, Russia would no doubt like  Persian Gulf-Indian Ocean port :


Saudi Arabia, our good allies, fund the religious extremists and thus produce terrorist events throughout Europe, although no government can discuss the fact. No, of course, the UK and US actions that support the wars that directly produce terrorists throughout Europe and the US :


Dreams are an interesting aspect of our mental life, not yet understood :


If you don’t want your kid to have asthma, pregnant women need to eat well and stay away from pollution :


This is a sad story of promising a promising nation destroyed by lousy government :


This is a discussion of the weather models used in forecasting.  Read it if you want to know how accurate climate models could possibly be :


Another ex-intelligence analyst supporting their stories. Note the total frame of the story, 9-11 was a genuine terrorist event, Sandy Hook was real, and, of course, Russia did hack the elections. Makes you wonder about his abilities as an intelligence analyst :


“Electric vehicles increase CO2 emissions!”.  Of course, obviously so because they require subsidies.  What do you think ‘subsidy’ means in base economic terms? It means resources are spent in ways that are not consistent with the rest of the economy, i.e. not a profitable investment.  In a resource- and energy-based economy, it means more CO2 than would have been generated otherwise.

This is only one of many subsidies, the net result of which is we have no idea how much anything costs. As nobody can make intelligent investment decisions without knowing costs, the economy is failing, as all managed economies eventually do :


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