Daily Reading #13D

9-11 is gradually becoming an acceptable topic of conversation, along with the many new media commentators and journalists.  Interview is a good format for everyone.  I have always liked Cynthia McKinney. This one makes me wonder if you can determine tissue types from a DNA swab. These are very worthwhile if you like to see the world change. Honesty, openness, real communications, evidence and Freedom, peace, respect, dignity, a powerful framework for resisting the forces of the Deep State and Clinton Mafia. A definition of ‘alt-left’ that has strong values in common with Steve Bannon, Ron Paul and other patriots of the alt-right.

Avalanches of social change smashing into the political world. They are losing so dramatically on all fronts, the crisis must be close. These guys can’t give up, they hang :



Other independent investigators finds corruption, this in John McCain’s operation :






The George Webb, Jason Goodman, Trish Nigon open source investigation continues. The 4th of these discusses the criminal conspiracy reasons for sanctuary cities, the entire series has shown why the NWO people need easy transit of criminals to run these ratlines, all sources of $. The scale of the criminal conspiracy is world-wide. Trump wins by doing investigations.

This is beyond historic, this changes everything.  There is no PR apparatus in the world that can control this kind of thing going on continuously in every community. It will be flooded by idiots, dupes and trolls.  OK, we already deal with those, and the drumbeat you hear everywhere is ‘evidence, evidence, evidence’ is the worth of a comment or post. The irrelevant, profane, racist, etc. are ignored, filtered from the conversation, but voices from the crowd of people doing independent research ask questions of each other and validate each other by checking and acknowledging their evidence, stuff that everyone can check.

This is a powerful algorithm for building trust, all of the evidence-based people on the internet validating each other.  NSA and CIA are being dethroned, soon everyone will have seriously-private communications for as many personnas as you would like. Seriously-private, as in, nobody can know who is on the other end of a link, except the person on the link.  That is close, a generation after TOR,   .

The Honest Party is winning, transparently :






Trish The Dish’s summary of the George Webb series, before she got involved with their investigation more directly :






This next is one of many expressions of “I won’t take it any more”.  There are many people finding a need to express themselves in these events.

It isn’t wishful thinking to believe we are winning this engagement with our oligarchy. They can shut down any individual without much impact, almost certainly.  But they can’t count on that, and certainly can’t stop everyone without creating general political excitement.

At this point, what could the entire might of the US government do against George Webb, et al?  Take their videos off the net? Assassinate them? Right, the Streisand Effect, and the 2nd-order reasoning of “they must have been really, really desperate, this is the endgame” on all people with any skin in this game would quickly bring the demise of our Deep State and every ally.  The air terminals would be busy with departures of private air planes to destinations out of easy control of US authorities, their first refueling stops. Anyone who couldn’t get out would be canvassing foreign embassies looking for asylum.

Surely, at this late date in evolution of bottom-up, self-organized systems of people in social networks mediated by the internet, no one among our elites can have any doubt about how this episode in history is going to turn out?  I have been saying we were coming to this point for a long time. Our Deep State is going to hang if they are ever judged by their fellow citizens, 9-11 is the least of their sins, the smallest number of the Americans they have killed, e.g. all sides in the drug war, and the many killed under the cover of that for organs. Copius records will document every event and all of the surrounding events.  They can’t erase the entire set without much excitement, excitement is already out of bounds with what we know from public records and reports.

I got this via mobiuswolf :


I stopped reading the BLS’s jobs reports and saying ‘lies’ a couple of years ago because it was boring. The lies didn’t stop, of course :




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