Daily Reading #13B

The CIA-Clinton Crime Cabal and murder of Seth Rich story continues. The little people cooperate online to take down the elite corruption, it is a wonderful thing to watch. Unstoppable. Historic, a new thing on earth :








Another commentator with good insights on all this :



I love personal journalism. This young woman is clever and insightful, reality-oriented. Careful, wide-spectrum, excellent thinking, doubts about George Webb, the overall story. Wow, open source intelligence analysis. Can you doubt the outcome of this contest?

The seemingly-good guys in the hopefully-good intelligence and police and armed services of various nations, apparently concerned that the obviously-bad guys were so far out of normal criminal bounds, that, even if covered by deep Progressive ideology and the best Hollywood image control, they were going to be discovered soon, indeed, the process was well under way.  Thus, the apparently good are appearing to do some good works.

I think I would like to know a lot more about Gavin McFadyen, the journalist who trained all of those idealistic young journalists, who went on to become the people feeding Wikileaks, founded by another of McFadyen’s protoges.  Who was behind him? That was the truly incredible piece of spy craft in this story  :

More than a year ago, I said that it must be very hard to be a European under the thumb of the US. George Webb is a clever guy :


Out of this chaos, the obvious form of journalism finally is born. I have said the very extensive use of hyperlinks was the way to provide the necessary context for years. Stranahan is intelligent and has independent judgment, tho his manner annoys me :


Yes, the version of Islam that produces suicide bombers and jihadists in profusion is Wahhabism, integral to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, our close ally :


Along with lack of social and economic integration of Muslim populations in Europe :


Over-confidence is not a special characteristic of military leaders, tho this doesn’t make that point :


This is an excellent critique of the Paris Climate Accord, independent of the science :


Layers of government management and government oversight account for much of this, I believe.  Nobody who hasn’t gone through an experience of contracting for the government can grasp the un-necessary complexity of everything :


This is another of many examples of the government’s story and all reporting supporting a major act turning out 30 years later to have been totally bogus. Yet our Stasis Quo wonders why we don’t trust them :


India also has farm programs.  Poor farmers commit suicide in droves :


The French are a bit behind the English and Americans in understanding their elites and the large-scale scams they are running on average people :



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