Daily Reading #13A

I continue to see articles hoping that Trump will avoid the economic crash that has been in the making for the last 10 years.  He can’t, there are too many fuses into too many different kegs of gunpower burning :


Nor can Trump win the ME wars, although we and our allies Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Israel, could stop paying, supplying and training ISIS :


This is a fairly amazing restaurant bill, 155K Euros for lunch. The rich are different than the rest of us. People are self-indulgent and keeping perspective demands wisdom, not many of us are uniformly wise.

But from my perspective, this is extremely extravagant and extremely self-indulgent.  Who could value their experiences so highly that this is the best use of this much money? What kind of person is so narrow? How does a society produce them, apparently in enough abundance that restaurants have these items on their menu?  Are these the same minds that buy political power for themselves and their projects?

I have not read not much analysis of that kind of question, but those have a rather larger effect on our future than the usual drivel on ‘news’ :


Serious philosophy, serious prescription for action. This is another good link I got off Western Rifle Shooters Association :


This is a leftish version of the same  idea, tho the usual centralizing federal authority as a prescription :


The current state of the best automation of a general task :


People are driven from Central America into the US, same as this describes Africa–> Europe :


More open source research on the Seth Rich murder. To think that the elites think ubiquitous surveillance favors them and central power :




Related to the above, Gulen is part of the entire Deep State heroin trade, likely much more.  So Flynn being against Gulen is a positive for Flynn :


A good progressive recommends more localism for Europe :


It is not true that cultures need to be the same to co-exist and eventually merge :


Preparing for war to avoid war has not worked as currently implemented. Fighting wars to end war has never worked :


Even if you measure the economy by GDP, a very bad measure of progress, we are not doing well :



Demographic change is inevitable, and has political effects. OTOH, this is a projection of more than 5 years in the future.  There are few circumstances where anyone can see the future even a few yeas ahead, and ‘conservative’ and other political terms change their meaning with time, so however accurate the basis of his prediction, the future reality will surprise us :



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