Daily Reading #138

This is the plan, the Deep State plan, Clinton’s plan. They need at-home and home-grown terrorism to justify the surveillance state and more police power :



The wars produce more terrorists, of course, along with organ donors, child sex slaves, and other sources of revenue.  Consider your state of mind after watching your child starve :


This is the Webb-Goodman counter-coup planning. So great, 5th generation warfare, internet, right out in the open. No member of the elite can make speeches without people pushing them on aspects of reality :


Their after-action report of the CFR meeting at which David Patraeus spoke :



Stranahan’s view of the Clinton-Soros-CIA coup which is on-going, and the benefits of a ‘non-slick presentation’ vis legacy media’s slick presentations :


Robert Gore’s analysis of this sequence and Trump’s motives and capabilities :


While I was driving today, I listened to one of the Pacifica radio stations.  The discussion was how false flags have been used to defeat Progressives, including the recent elections in France and now Britain.  The message is that the oligarchy uses false flags, and the big losers are not Moslems, rather Progressives and Liberals. Good, now more people are listening to what a bunch of us have been saying for 15 years.

This is an excellent primer on security, has solid recommendations, and is the best explanation of why open source development projects are so valuable and also so productive :


Scientists publish the location of new and rare species, collectors immediately begin collecting them.  Censorship is suggested :


If we do not legalize drugs, funding the forces of chaos and evil continues forever :


Stranahan has a good overview :


I linked to this a few days ago, just now finished.  This relates archaeology, language, genetics and aspects of culture and interactions of peoples to show deep 40-70K year old connections between them. Very impressive work :


DNA testing and geneology :



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