Daily Reading #137

George Webb’s investigation has been getting hot, yesterday all the pieces came together and he revealed sources and named the perps.  Clinton’s crime cabal is done.

Did you feel the change in the political atmosphere? All the stuff George Webb and Jason Goodman have been investigating, along with very many good people on the internet, the many pieces of hard data at the end, attributed to various European Intelligence agencies (snicker), along with the names of the criminals involved, serve as proof of his claims.

The story of how Comey was fired, the obvious crimes of McCabe and Comey in covering it all up is part of this series.

Webb apparently has become the outlet for voices of the anti-Deep State forces, perhaps around the world. This is quite believable, and is taking down the Clinton Crime Cabal. Last year I said it would come to this, that this was the anti-corruption fight and Trump would win by doing the investigations. Soon we have trials.

It looks like to me it has taken this long for Trump to weave together the various threads of honesty, and even now DOJ isn’t ready to bring charges, the people aren’t in place yet. Meanwhile, the open source investigations are putting the information into the public, drip, drip, drip. The issue of the 650K emails, now assumed to be some subset of total congressional emails, and the ‘insurance’ folder on Antony Wiener’s laptop has a whole different meaning.

These guys were a blackmail operation of the CIA’s and Mossad’s, run through Pakistani cutouts, and they were blackmailing a substantial part of the Democrats in Congress, from the fact that the Awans were paid on their budgets, tho they did very little work. Clintons are high-level managers of one of the criminal organizations.

Exciting stuff. Trump is going to win, I predict, the Deep State and their forces of deep corruption, pedophilia, child sex trafficking, organ trafficking, major frauds throughout the the government, etc. are going to jail :



If you only have time to watch one, this is the big one :


The quality of exchange in all of these is not uniformly high, some of it is laughable by legacy media standards.  Don’t, these guys are real, not facade :






Self-driving cars may have un-intended systemic effects. Who could have guessed? :


These two headlines must share a cause :



Ian Welsh is certainly more rational than the average Leftish commentator.  This points out that the danger to Europe is still Germany, not Russia nor the US :



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