Daily Reading #136

Another view of your FBI, working for you :


Our civilization does not progress uniformly, to say the least.  Christian authorities can’t be trusted any more than any other interest group.  This is an excellent interview of quite an excellent mind :


This is context for the Manchester terror attack.  In summary, politicians knew in advance our fubaring the ME would cause terror attacks in Europe and the US, but decided to use that to justify further fubaring, so the politicians supervise the propaganda to make the mothers suffering in the ME ‘other’, less than us, less than fully human, people we don’t need to care about.  Note the bit about the MI6 asset being involved in Chris Steven’s killing.

Our war-criminal politicians have done all of this to us and the world, and should be hung, We citizens are only innocent to the extent we oppose them :


Politicians everywhere use ‘them vs us’ to further their careers :






Not just politicians, of course. Rachel Maddow makes $7M/year doing on the left for MSNBC what her friend Roger Ailes did on the right for Fox News :


Irving Finkel is an interesting person.  The first is 25 minutes, a fun version of the 2nd, a shorter, more serious discussion of the 3500-year old Royal Game of Ur :



Our government is far too large, absorbs far too much of the national share of mind and economy :


Bureaucracy cannot control itself when power and $ are involved. The 2nd link is the alt-media web site that first published this, which has a “government accountability” section. I don’t think legacy media thinks that way :



NSA’s hacking tools are being used in more attacks :


Only the Clinton-Israeli-Neocon section of the Democratic Party appears ignorant of the reality, and that is almost entirely propaganda :


Without any investigation of my own, I suspect strongly that the ‘assaulting a reporter’ was produced by the reporter as a psyop.  Not that the politician didn’t do it, but reporters are assholes even when behaving ‘normally’.  This is a very leftish view, but has much good information, e.g. Trump would beat Clinton even more decisively today than in 2016 :


Ex-intelligence Col’s view on the leaks to bring Trump down.  I remind you that this blog deletes all posts claiming 9-11 was a false flag operation, never discusses the subject :


George Webb and Jason Goodman are a dynamite duo in the open source world. I am seeing more and more of this, a couple of people working on a subject getting together and recording their discussion as they work through their evidence, then publishing it and later commenting on the comments, people directly influencing the conversations in the future. The Sargon of Arkaad link I put up a few days ago was like that.

Beats the hell out of legacy journalism in transparency and power granted to their ‘audience’. This is an entirely new thing in the world :



This is an excellent, in-depth analysis of Comey, Meuller, the FBI, CIA, etc and the state of affairs in DC.  It points out the same as George Webb, “where is the evidence”, the FBI is hiding tons of evidence, and the CIA mega-tons more. The corrupt Cabals in DC are so far out on a limb, that the whole thing now unravels very quickly.  Given, of course, that Trump’s administration has enough people brave enough and clean enough themselves to challenge the corrupt ones.

Yes, Seth Rich, quite possibly an involuntary organ donor, is very likely the key.  Exciting times.  These guys don’t mention organ donors nor pedophiles, they view it entirely in terms of the Constitution and functioning of the US government. Inside DC, almost, kind of view.  I don’t know these people, ex-cops or intel, maybe, definitely strong on the legalities and penalties for leaking top secrets, e.g. the fact that the NSA could read the Russian diplomatic mail :


This is an example of how dumb it is to try to manage a nation’s culture. We have no idea of the amount of culture, real, bottom-up culture, has been lost by having a policy about it.  It happened everywhere European culture could impose it upon the natives, the loss of the native languages and culture.

This must be the 10th example of burning bridges in front of us I have seen today. These cultures are the original humans, we should value everything we can learn from them, same as we should value everything we can learn about our own subcultures :


“Progressive Soapbox” asks “Is Hillary Clinton the Lesser Evil?”, another interesting voice I would have never heard without the Internet :


The varieties of spectacle in the world are endless.  This is animal training.  It must be a very profitable park to afford the grain that many peacocks would need. It is a spectacle, no question :


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