Daily Reading #135

Our federal government’s approach to law enforcement conflates political resistance with armed insurgency.  That will not turn out well :


Having an arm of the federal bureaucracy overrule the President in any area is a huge scandal, a reversal of the Constitutional order :


The Seth Rich investigation shows the Podesta-Clinton political-power cabal to be really terrible at hiding their tracks :


Jeff Sessions is at work. This is why he is being charged with colluding with the Russians, also.  Our Deep State and the Clinton Cabal are going to lose this engagement, I believe, they cannot survive the systematic theft of children to use in blackmail operations :


Camille Paglia, genuine feminist of the left, comments on the political situation :


How to survive nuclear fallout :


Japan’s national debt is 600% of GDP.  The US’s is 373%. Japan shows that the consequences of over-indebtedness can merely be near-zero growth. But Venezuela’s national debt, not discussed in this article, was merely 50% in 2013, so I am not reassured :



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