Daily Reading #134

There are many symptoms of the fracturing of the society :


The end of humanity made funny. All of the bad guys are Republicans. The overall-conclusion is very good, but it invites you to condemn Republicans more than others. As there is no evidence of any anti-War movement, I see no reason to differentiate the two parties.  There are a few individuals who stand out, but these are the best our recent generations have produced, completely incapable of dealing with the corrupt system. I do not learn from this what I think McSweeney’s wanted me to learn :


Lee Stranahan and Jason Goodman are excellent journalists, I liked this history of electronic journalism discussion :


Tom Fitton, head of Judicial Watch. Doing independent investigations and law suites to keep the system a little transparent. Also, a side-step of the legacy media, direct to citizens via alt-media :


The Awan brothers were indeed a nefarious plot.  They probably have some connection to the Muslim Brotherhood, another intelligence agency tools and fellow mafia.  But this was, somehow, part of the Clinton Crime Cabal.  Motivated by money and power, not religion.  This is someone’s attempt to muddy that understanding of things :


I find it difficult to reach meta-levels that allow me to think about this without my blood pressure increasing.  It is related to the problem of the Menonnites below. People don’t own their culture, only the things they uniquely contribute to it.  These women were making unique contributions, improving things for everyone. No force was used, but it is a sin to believe such stupid things and stop people from making their contributions :


If some NGO really wanted to do good in he world, they would teach Amish and Mennonite farmers around the world about ecological farming practices. Those farmers are enduring the worst of all  situations, stuck in the past, competing in the present without benefit of either the modern industrial model of farming or the ecological approach now superceding the industrial model.

As soon as I wrote that, I realized that most of the NGOs dealing with farming are probably doing the reverse to their poor farmers, and that the failures are all mis-matches in ecosystems. Farmers in the US crash and burn for the same reasons as those around the world, fluctuations in climate punish agricultural borrowers, and industrial farming requires borrowing for seeds, fertilizer, tilling, irrigating and harvesting. Subsistence farming is no-input farming, large-scale gardening in modern terms. Modern ecological farming removes the risks for both by using varieties of plants to increase total yields in good years and, especially, bad years, as ecological farming builds up the resilience of the total ecosystem. Names of leaders are Joel Salatin and Gabe Brown, but there are many innovative farmers and gardners pioneering this approach, which goes back to Organic Gardening and Farming, begun in 1947. They were the leading edge of ecological thinking in biology.

I expect there are some individuals making a difference, each of those names is really 100s of people exchanging information about ecological practices. Ag scientists and ag economists are far behind the practitioners.  I think this is a general thing, that every increase in ease of communication has allowed more minds to focus on shared problems. The interactions of minds and problems is what is needed for progress, rural problems have been the last to benefit from network effects.

We have fubared our civilization by focusing on problems of scaling, guided by policies based on the best wisdom the civilization could muster and then subvert, rather than the worlds real problems, solved in the usual distributed way. Cheap cell phones have done more for farmers than any other single factor, around the world. Cheap communications have allowed more information to flow and more minds to collaborate in solving their problems. Ditto for poor people.

Makes you wonder why we didn’t know that ahead of time. Instead, we rely on ever-more centrally-directed wisdoms guiding bombs and NGOs, power and propaganda.

You can learn a lot from this documentary :

Pacemakers have software, but no security for their software.  The only way ‘1000s of bugs’ can happen is if the researchers ran a static analysis tool over the code where it had never been applied, or if they are citing numbers from the bug tracking software. Many bugs are never fixed because they can’t be reproduced, are known to be irrelevant because of some other change, etc. so it is easy to exaggerate :


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