Daily Reading #133

Debbie Wasserman Schultz managed the CIA-Mossad’s bugging Congress via Pakistani ISI.  This is a major issue, part of the Deep State’s takeover of American institutions, nevertheless mostly ignored by legacy media :


This is diamond grit in the gears of Antifa’s demonstration machine. The story is that a black-clad, masked AntiFa shit was attacking people with a bike lock, he caused serious injuries and could have killed someone hitting them in the head, as he did and always tried to do.

Lots of videos recorded the demonstrations and everyone in it, they went up online. Then 4chan, the online community that brags about its autism quotient, took up the case, and proceeded to tease out the man’s identity. Turns out, it is hard to be anonymous in the modern world if someone cares enough.  Eric Clanton, a low level academic in the Bay Area, was arrested by Berkeley police for assault, and had bail set at $200,000.

This is the weapon we are turning back on our rulers, the elites. They aren’t nearly as hidden as they thought, either, and the same networked citizenry is going after them.

These are new things in the world, a new system being formed :


Losing any of earth’s genetic diversity is bad for people, long-run :


Discussions of how to live :


Note that the melting was caused by the black soot layer from the forest fires.  Soot seems to be the cause of all of the glaciers melting, as some never climb above freezing point of water.  In any case, melting glaciers are not a symptom of global warming :


Internally Displaced Persons, refugees inside a country, driven by war, are the fastest increasing class of refugees, and get no attention. The article claims prevention is better than a cure, although the mechanism for that is left unspecified :


I haven’t looked at the detail, but Scuttlebutt is one of a new class of overlay networks that will ultimately obsolete many current winners in TCP/IP networking and provide the security that IP has never had :


The next improvement in agricultural productivity is ecological, gut through larger scale interaction of organisms :


Testing self-driving cars.  This is a cost-reduction, but doesn’t deal with the objection that the environment will throw new situations and combinations of confusions at the AI, and the AI’s ability to deal with them is the thing to be measured.  You can’t plan ‘new situations’, as soon as a course like this becomes the test, the AIs will be trained for the test :



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