Daily Reading #132

The citizen’s investigation surrounding the DNC and Clinton Foundation is consolidating resources.  All of these independents have their own sources, and are now sharing data, coordinating research.  And all winning, thereby. This is a new thing in the world, and it is eating the old ways.  After this, you won’t be able to run a society as they have in the past, with these degenerate, maximal-skim, maximal-concentration of power dynamics.

The number of new things that have come out in all this, the ease the Awans had in accessing NSA’s most secret data, and all they had to do was arrange the Blackberries to sync with one of their servers or laptops.  So all any of them had to do was open a laptop in the vicinity of one of the Blackberries, and they had all of the messages.  The Blackberries were the access to NSA, in his account.

And were also a supposedly secure way for people to arrange business deals with the Clinton Cabal, Webb’s internet team’s timelines in this, correlating the DNC emails with other information, losses of blackberries, etc. are convincing enough that a serious investigation should be done, quickly before evidence is destroyed.

9-11 was the bridge too far, the Deep State exposed too much, didn’t have control of the media and political opinion that they assumed, the internet was a new thing for them, also. The Deep State and allies have been pushing ever since, knowing this was the race, exposing more and more as they did so. Clinton’s loss was a huge shock, as she said, it put a noose around their neck.

They have locked down the legacy media very well, are not yet able to control the alt-media. Legacy media and a lot of leaks got rid of Flynn, and Congress is holding up appointments, but the Deep State lost with Comey, he was the guy covering, along with Andew McCabe, the CIA’s man in the FBI, for Clinton’s latest crimes, all under the FBI’s areas of investigations.

I am very optimistic about this part of our future.  These investigations are being used by insiders against other insiders, and only the good guys can do that, because they are the ones who don’t care what is found.  Bad guys do care what is found. The bad guys don’t want the 650,000 emails to come out.

I try hard to be a careful evaluator of people and evidence.  George Webb isn’t right about everything, probably not even many of his speculations about what is behind the many links.  FBIAnon may not be who he claims to be, and other anonymous analysts ditto. But the investigation so far makes it pretty clear that the Deep State hacks our own Congress, and no doubt many other areas of government also. And that there are mafia and foreign intelligence service  connections everywhere you look in these affairs. And that people who expose the corruption within the DNC end up dead a lot.  Eric Braverman may be alive, Seth Rich may not be an involuntary organ donor, rather a protected witness.  Our government isn’t great at hiding things, because it is clear something is being hidden in both of those cases. Also, much of those nefarious threads was being coordinated directly from the White House, a surprising number of people connected with the case had visited the White House recently :

There can be no predictions about where this goes, possibly a parallel would be the Dreyfus affair, with Zola and friends replaced by internet-connected researchers.  It is simply amazing to watch this unfold. The range of opinion, comments, voat.co/v/pizzagae threads are evolving all the time, new high level summaries worked on, continuously new threads and connections to older threads.  Pretty sophisticated analysis, some of it :



A recent summary of the Pizzagate saga :

This is a review of a book describing the peace coalition that tried to keep the US out of WWI. The forces for war always have major advantages :


Evolutionary pressures change over time. An ice age change the oceans so that large whales had an advantage, according to this.  I note that both toothed and baleen whales got large, this only has good reasons for the baleen whales becoming large :


This is an interpretation of the fact that longer, more symmetrical tail feathers, more complex bowers, etc. are more attractive to mates :


Supply chains continue to evolve :


Aspirin prevents cancer from spreading :


Social ecosystems are as complex as biological :



This is the first use of gene modification using the CRISPR technology to cure anything :


Internet protocols leak information about you :


Different areas of the US grow for different reasons :


Another aspect of the institutionalized scams run in the health care industry :


Drug companies are the most profitable industry. How can there be shortages? :



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