Daily Reading #131

Israel is losing control of the news.  Abby Martin is excellent :

As a measure of how fast things are changing, look at the exposure Trey Gowdy is getting.  Surely he is getting ready to run for President.  I don’t follow politics at all, but this guy is outstanding, he could replace Trump.


Another writer notes that we can’t change things with our votes, even electing Trump has apparently changed nothing :


The George Webb series has become awesome, he is a central coordinator now for the anti-Clinton-Podesta open source investigation. It has taken humanity a while to get over the BS of government being the intermediary. You want to save kids, put your money and body where your mouth is, do something and contribute money to something else. But not to a big organization, they can’t do what a George Webb does. How Liz Crokin can be compensated, etc.  :
The Seth Rich murder investigation cannot be reported in legacy media.  Even the idea that Seth Rich was the source of the DNC’s emails for Wikileaks is out of bounds.  This is a very sensitive topic for our Deep State, and they are going to lose because of it :

No kidding, this is a new thing on the earth, an emergent property of the internet.

FBIanon said in his first exchange that this case had to be broken by the public, and they are.  Pedogate is real, organ harvesting is real, …and Clinton-Podesta are in the middle of all that. I haven’t yet watched all of the video, tho I read the 4chan AMA.  I am putting both links here as an illustration of how this kind of information spreads :

It doesn’t take much info flowing from inside the FBI to the internet to keep this headed in the right direction.  I read voat.co/v/pizzagate threads every now and then, rational and fact-focused people, on the whole.  Same as George Webb.

This is a different world than ever in history. I think the internet puts the power back on the side of the many.  It isn’t how many secrets the few can accumulate, the power of secrets is only proportional to the number of minds needed to process the info. It takes intelligence to do and manage blackmail, just another variety of central control with inherent limits.

When people are exposed to more information and more points of view, they begin to see through the facade.  In a semi-open world, at least one pretending to be open, the internet makes too much information available to too many people for the mafias to hide enough of their criminal behavior, and it is gradually being exposed.

I am less hopeful about Trump as time passes and there is no grand jury on any of the Clinton and CIA mafia crimes.  I am very optimistic about the open source investigations.  There are people pushing for open prosecutions. If our government continues to be a problem, we simply by-pass it with the least-cost, least-effort solution, as always in history. In times of lesser communication, a local strongman would take over.

Pensions will bankrupt most governments over the next decade or so, part of the pubic debt that can never be repaid :


PCR on the lack of truth in American society :



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