Daily Reading #130

The big story in these is the active open investigations going on around the many Clinton crimes and criminal associates :





Pablo Escobar presents a radically-different interpretation of European history, but factual, analytical.  So different that you can’t remember it  afterwards without a lot of rehearsal :


The United States has a foreign policy, the single mistake that is taking the country down the fastest. The mistake is not this foreign policy or that, but rather the attempt to play a game unplayable by mere human minds, although the turn to negative-sum is a separate sin that compounded the evil.

Foreign policy is the first evil, we know that because foreign wars have produced all of the ‘landmark social legislation’, taxes and business subsidies that make up our various domestic policies :



If we didn’t have a foreign policy, if we treated every country strictly neutrally, we wouldn’t have to make trade-offs, we could expect civilized behavior from them all, according to international law.  It would not prevent the citizens of the US from pursuing their interests, it would merely prevent government assistance in pursuing what it thinks are our interests, but aren’t, currently costing $1T / year :


Stories about pedophilia are a constant, but they don’t get any play as a social phenomena, an aspect of the corruption that pervades our society :


Cyber security considered as weapons of mass destruction :


National income distribution has shifted to the top, leaving the middle class with falling standards of living :


One aspect of the income shift is the various ways of avoiding taxes.  Malta is another of the world’s tax havens, this is another Panama Papers case :


This is an insane situation, chronic shortages of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbonate IV drips. Free markets for products made from plastic bags plus sodium chloride and water or sodium bicarbonate and water can’t have shortages like this. Obviously, it is built into the market for drugs by the FDA’s power to control that market, tho the NYTimes doesn’t notice that :


This is a cultural conservative view.  But the academic’s community turn away from reason is the base issue :


Pacifica Radio isn’t entirely anti-war, of course :


If we had to pick one measure of our government’s ability to do important jobs well and carefully, handling nuclear waste would be a good one.  They are lousy at it, ditto the environment on every government installation :


Just after I wrote that, I found this :


“The fossil fuel industry is dying”.  There is a great deal of wishful thinking in this, as well as some outright incorrectness, e.g. “solar has greater EROEI”.  However, the bits about debt and subsidies are certainly correct, ditto chaos. Chaos, of course, is everywhere in markets, so that isn’t special. Otherwise, it is very difficult to know the reality of any of these numbers, even for the firms most involved, because of all of the taxes and subsidies :


A reminder that Arabia has produced a great civilization, many threads of which humans use everywhere today, more of which we should :


Tolerance is hard for humans, nobody is special when it comes to tolerance for others :


I have seen many claims, but not the evidence that there is actually a big increase in pedophilia cases and arrests.  There has been an increase, but so far it doesn’t seem coordinated from one place, as it would likely have been if the FBI was distributing evidence from the emails on Antony Wiener’s laptop. These networks have been proliferating for many years, many children prostituted as the minimum of their crimes, which often go considerably beyond that.

I have seen Trump’s personal friend Roger Stone claim that Trump understands about pedogate. I have seen half a dozen claims by other people who say they know that is true. I see the same about Sessions. I see claims by NYPD that they have copies of the emails that they will release if the FBI doesn’t begin investigations and make prosecuteable cases. There are waves of rumor in the various open source investigations and commentators on them that waves of arrests of high-level people are coming. FBIAnon above fans those flames.

Beyond that, I haven’t seen much actual action.  Citizens in open source investigations are moving these cases, nobody was investigating Seth Rich’s death until citizens got involved. Nobody is investigating the Petersen girl’s death in Haiti, the deaths of Wikileaks associates, … :


The negotiations behind China’s One Belt One Road initiatives :



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