Daily Reading #12F

Israeli-Neocons are still driving the country to war :
I have not liked politicians for a long time, and don’t see much difference between Ds and Rs, on average, but the Democrats allied with Clinton are a new low in the US.  That is an evidence-based judgement, pedophilia, human trafficking and organ trafficking in addition to very large-scale fraud and self-dealing while in office are their crimes.

There are, I am almost convinced, some big things about to happen.  Trump is not entirely what he seems to be, doesn’t always say what he thinks, I think.

There is a lot of stuff happening on the Pizzagate / Pedogate front, and they connected very directly to Clinton on multiple fronts.  This is not made up, and will be entirely revealed when those 650K emails finally get loose, which they will because the NYPD apparently made enough copies to hold over the FBI’s head if the FBI doesn’t proceed to indictments.

Additionally, there are many lists of people and connections through these threads of analysis, investigators with Grand Juries and subpoenas will have a lot of background material to begin their work, exactly what is most needed in tracing the threads of deep corruption through our society :
A chief of Detectives in the NYPD backed all of Erik Prinz’s statements up, leaks from the NYPD and FBI continue.

This stuff is not made up.  The publicly-known connections are still tenuous in terms of culpability, but those emails must have started up a lot of investigations, this is certainly a record number of arrests in large pedo rings. Comey was not joining the crusade, I think, covering up for Clinton.

The Clintons have been criminals since the beginning, before Arkansas.  They closed down the Clinton Foundation’s exposed part, pooff, a couple of $Bs gone somewhere, nobody will ever know because they destroyed all those records. But they are really exposed on pedogate, organ harvesting, kids for sacrifice, all the murders of investigators and inside whistle blowers and friends of Julian Assange.  When people start tracing back the supply of organs, exactly where they come from, etc., or when the FBI sends 400 agents to Haiti and every parent who lost a child is contacted and photo lineups used to ID the perps, then the links to the Clintons will be very clear. We already know that Hillary was a long-time associate of Laura Silsby, one of the child traffickers that Haiti arrested.

Now we need to get rid of the #2 guy in the FBI, Andrew McCabe, head of the counter-intelligence division, and the CIA’s man in the FBI, who has received a $650K bribe via political contributions to his wife’s campaign.  He has been sitting on all of Clinton’s Clinton Foundation, Haitian, etc. crimes, Jeffrey Epstein, proprietor of pedo island, good friend of the Clinton’s, they visited Pedo Island often.

Add in the very many people combing through records following leads in the various open source investigations, and the Clintons don’t have a prayer.  Nor any of their oligarchic friends, there is going to be a house cleaning in this country.  But given that their crimes are pedophilia, organ harvesting, murder, very large-scale fraud, drugs, trafficking people for many reasons, this could get ugly.

I do not believe I am at all exaggerating the magnitude of what is happening under the surface here. Thus ultimately what is driving the absolute craziness of “Putin did it!!” pounded into every single story on NPR.  Massive unreason covering great evil.

You owe no allegiance to people of this type. They cannot possibly represent your interests.

Our legacy media does not apply consistent standards :


Wiping out one’s history instead of learning from it is a serious mistake for a culture :


An essay on the importance of Stephen Jay Gould :


Police misuse the data the government collects, there is effectively no oversight.  This is likely true at the Federal level also :



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