Daily Reading #12E

There are many predictions of Trump’s impeachment, all fantasy and unreason.  Trump has not lost support in his base, despite so many of us being very pissed about the lack of progress in draining the swamp.  Republicans control the House AND the Senate.  This is more of the big-lie propaganda on display :


Our President can give a good speech.  I hope he understands all the lies it contains :


Meanwhile, the country he denigrates is the only functioning democracy in the ME, and I include Israel in that list :


A reminder about how new it all is, 1888 was the first ‘long distance’ automobile trip, 106 kilometers, 66 miles :


The bastards in our Israeli-Neocon Deep State are the source of the push for war. The US has absolutely no right in law to be inside Syria with any military force, much less bombing and strafing Syrian military forces. War crimes, no question at all. Major violations of basic international law and norms, human rights, devastated lives :





Trump isn’t undermining US power, he is revealing the weaknesses in that power. The Israeli-Neocons are directly responsible for most of the political trends that lead to the election of Donald Trump :


The FBI and CIA continue morphing into the Stasi :



No business would have such stupid policies.  Of course, no business would have guaranteed student loans, so there wouldn’t be any graduates in debt, and thus not so many well-off college administrators and professors :


The CIA is a major driver of world events in recent history and an even more powerful shaper of the information that reaches your newspaper, TV and internet.  Extrapolate :



The CIA, CIA-associated mafias and the military are the importers of heroin :


All pedophilia does not emanate from the CIA, meaning the CIA doesn’t have to work too hard to inveigle some people into the practice, and thereby own them :


Mining the deep ocean ice-methane clathrates produces a great deal of methane :


Weirdness in America :


Gee, you mean the Special Forces are actually mostly hype also? Yes, they can fight, but not especially specially.

In their defense, what institution in our modern world lives up to the image it wishes to create for itself? Still, they supposedly had very special skills, local language and cultures, and could blend in with the community :


Farmland is down, asset prices falling in many areas :



This is life extension research.  Brain function declines precipitously in the last year of life, and anything which increases its function, prevents degradation after injury will increase longevity :


Food trends, we are a nation of foodies :


This bit of change is uplifting, shows the power of the individual, and the rapidity with which a culture can change itself :


I agree, don’t change your password, change your encryption standard. NIST is an arm of NSA. NSA has shown no interest in increased security, AES is something they can manage because they can accelerate the AES mechanism in electronic logic and thus try 1 trillion passwords / second, according to Snowden.  That means that NSA collects passwords and writes password-prediction programs, as that is easier than brute-force attacks on the 256-bit AES key space :




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