Daily Reading #12D

I don’t disagree with James Downton (a pseudonym) in that yes, the whole bureaucracy is in opposition to Trump.  But, for whatever reason, he downplays the major source of the opposition, from whence has emanate so much of the animus. Those are the State Department, some parts of the military, the higher echelons of the intelligence services and the more secretive parts, the more secretive parts of the FBI and various threads of associations inside all of the police forces of the world, especially their secretive parts.  Every police force has them.

The government is out of citizen’s control, and has been since our National Intelligence State evolved within the growth of centralization of the world’s power in DC.  Just like so many civilizations in the past, we are being taken over by our apparatus that was created to defend us :



George Webb’s interpretations of recent history as the middle of a rapidly-evolving open source investigation, is getting mind-blowing.  No kidding, him acting as feet-on-the-ground investigation with a pick-up internet team of researchers behind him, who merely search to combinations of terms, read a lot, be skeptical and pass along tidbits and links. Webb’s role has morphed, he is now pulling together other groups to look at specific aspects of people and events.  It turns out, there is nobody who can escape the net of paperwork and social media Connections lead them to connections, all intertwined by business and political interests.  Either our government was already unbelievably corrupt, or the Clintons did a job on the entire Federal government, because Hillary’s misuse of the State Department for her own benefit was pretty large-scale. The many threads lead back to Hillary.

George Webb and his team are a handful of people looking into this corruption in a systematic way, tho I keep hearing that the FBI has something very large going on.

When you follow the twists and turns of that story, and so many threads not yet pulled, add in the fact that Webb is just one person and it is a big country so it is unlikely Webb is finding much of the total, a person could easily conclude that this country is infested with mafias.  Every time you turn around, there is another major scandal being covered up. None of which, so far, have had to do with Trump, no matter how much evidence they claim, but never produce.



Israel is not good for Jews :


I agree with his observations that the Democrats are acting crazy, along with their allies. Dancing in perfect step, all of them at once. A choir master hopes for such timing and coordination as exist among the many voices of the Clinton campaign, the NYTimes, WaPo, CNN, etc.  Did you see CNN’s ratings are now above FOX’s ratings for 24-hour news and the various major shows? I don’t see that any party is correctly evaluating how fast the socio-politico-economic world is changing, and in so many dimensions at once.

Another way of saying that is “All major media now reflects the Israeli-Neocon view of the world”.


Power to do good is power.  Power can be mis-used, and often is :


Israeli-Neocons and their many voices have a lot to answer for :






Another article on EMP and the aftermath :


Building loyalty in the modern age :


Old-timey cooking and favors :


Note the difficulty in understanding why tree species distributions appear to be moving :


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