Daily Reading #12C

Elites are the problem, Trump is merely a symptom, of course :



Open source investigations are powerful things :


This is a very long article pointing out that technical people control much power, which could be used for good. Naive, idealistic, … Organizing is not the way to go. Instead, become excellent leakers, insiders who know all the corporate secrets :


This makes it clear that public comments are an easily gamed system, although you have to be smarter than this ‘bot is for it to be effective :


Did you know that the 30-day mortality rate for an MD’s patients admitted to the hospital is 10+%?  Seems like to me a very good reason to stay away from physicians :


Who would have guessed? The media is biased !!! Against Trump!! Can you believe it? :


Yes, science and engineering are team plays, working with a big team on a challenging technical project is an exciting them. Engineering is a fun profession, management aside :


Good for Glen Greenwald, being friends with Chelsea Manning.  She is a heroine :


Democratic establishment and Clinton are intent on making Russia an enemy. How can this make sense? :


Yes, conditions for children growing up are very constrained compared to recent history and all small towns and farms :


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