Daily Reading #128

Security issues.  If Micrhttp://www.strategic-culture.org/news/2017/05/09/major-media-organize-rig-web-search-results.htmlosoft produced reliable code, it wouldn’t have to worry about NSA’s tools. If NSA cared about security, no government office would use Windows :




Silk Road is grand strategy, quite brilliant in reorganizing Asian interests. These are symptoms of that reorganization in process :




Another article pointing out how fakes is the news and how the Israeli-Neocons dominate foreign policy and legacy media reporting on foreign affairs :



Our risk is inaction, no longer can we believe that ag chemicals are good for us long-term :


I think there are questions about the interpretation of all this, so withhold judgment about guilt.  Doesn’t look good, however, wrt some general’s judgment :


I love beautiful books as much as the next person, but this doesn’t mention cost except negatively.  To the extent that bookstores rely on publishers, they will go out of business, e.g. selling larger-sized paperbacks for $16 vs the smaller for $9, and only issuing/stocking the larger size.  I don’t buy those, and big chains have gone out of business because we stopped buying those and $21 CDs :



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