Daily Reading #127

Remember this?


Anyone who has investments in paper, including physical property such as homes, is at risk :



Security and ransomware :


How security services contract hackers to do their dirty work :


The Syrian War is winding down, except for US efforts to fund and supply the rebels, including ISIS :


Ian Welsh is a liberal. Liberals point to capitalism as the root of all problems. Conservatives point to government.  Systems people say ‘The System’, and point out how hard it is to trace cause and effect in complex systems. But we ll agree our society is headed down, not up :


Silk Road is deep strategy, Sun Tzu would be proud of modern Chinese leaders :


Yes, Comey gave Clinton a pass, and 6 months with not a scintilla of evidence wrt “Russia colluded with Trump” :


Trump is no politician. We should have more Presidents who are not.  Also, the Palestinians are playing an interesting strategy, 5th generation warfare :


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