Daily Reading #126

The Saker is a serious analyst and excellent writer, this on the issues of nuclear war and the Israeli-Neocons who act as if they want one. I have been saying for a couple of years now that there are a goodly number of people in our high-level officialdom who will hang when 9-11 is investigated. They can’t allow peace, and have little to lose. Satanic Cult may be literally true, effects of the CIA’s spreading pedophilia everywhere as a blackmail tool :



I agree with this, tho note that zoning rules currently keep Christian and Mormon churches from exhibiting such tolerance, and I wouldn’t want to discriminate, so we need to get rid of zoning for a tolerant society :


Humanity is mixtures of ancestries.  This paper is very confusing wrt individuals vs samples, tho it states that e.g. 97% of all samples (groups of people with a particular heritage/ethnic group) tested have ancestors from more than two ancestral groups, and that no subgroups are pure  :


More security issues :



NO EVIDENCE for Russian hacking anyone’s elections. Except in Russia, of course :



Another policy with perverse side-effects! Intentional or not, it is another example of why polices are a bad idea :


Humans may smell much better than thought, up to the level of dogs and rats.  Certainly there have been many anomalous facts wrt human odor detection, e.g. South American Indians tracking humans through the jungle by smell :


Bail required for small stuff is relatively new, people used to be released ‘on their own recognizance’. Bail bondsman make their livings because judges require bail. They contribute to judges’ campaigns. QED, the reason poor people sit in jail for traffic offenses and because they can’t pay fines :


I haven’t watched the video yet, but the comments are very good :



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