Daily Reading #125




“No evidence”.  I am far from a Trump supporter, but agree with Kunstler that the country is not focusing on the issues :



Fake popularity is easy to purchase via ‘click farms’ :


The massive attack of ransomware using NSA’s tools are reasons not to use Windows, and reasons to abolish the NSA and CIA. Meanwhile, be positive, think of this as practice for the EMPs that WWIII will bring :




Without trust, we need more levels of checking, checking on checkers, and the rules to guide them. Complexity with no return, especially since that decreases trust. Without trust, nothing works well, and more and more organizations cannot function well enough to accomplish their primary goals :


This is an issue of trust and security in one problem, Microsoft’s Edge PDF viewer produces incorrect information :


This is an interesting bureaucractic response to the fact that they can’t keep secrets.  Instead, mix false documents in with the real documents, they will be stolen together, and outsiders won’t know which is which.  Probably not insiders, either, after a few years, but that is a problem for the next administration.

As for the issue of trackers, nobody with a security background would ever open any suspect document on a computer connected to the internet, as trackers are well-known technology :


Microsoft’s Windows series is the buggiest software on the planet and thus the most insecure and untrustworthy. Why anyone goes on using it is beyond me.

Yet another example of how ideology doesn’t work. How could it? Ideology is ideas and concepts used to navigate reality.  First, maps are not the terrain.  Second, human minds must interpret everything in the light of prior experience and knowledge, but the best use of experience and factual knowledge is nevertheless very error-prone.  Ideology is not experience, nor factual knowledge, and running large-scale institutions using ideology has uniformly been a disaster :


I realized a year ago that the government was losing secrets faster than it created them :



Rabbits are nearly as efficient as chicken in a sustainable agricultural system :


80% loss of insect mass in many habitats, accounting for the loss of birds. Probably the only way to save most insects from the pesticides and habitat loss is to start raising them for food. Food animals don’t go extinct.  Years ago, I said the way for an environmentalist to save the California condor was to eat a squab and pronounce it was the best food he had ever tasted.

However, banning pesticides and herbicides would be an excellent start to remedying the destruction of the habitat humanity depends on. This is not a sustainable system, so many warnings, and no actions. You don’t have to be a wild-eyed green to think it is alarming what we are doing to our children’s future :


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