Daily Reading #124

Ilargi thinks that the media not doing their job is the main threat to democracy. Mine is that the media is not doing their job because they have aligned with the oligarchy that is control of the Deep State, the Deep State is the threat, the media is the symptom :



Modern ‘news’ has a large component of big-lie and big-frame propaganda. Completely made-up (‘Russia interfered in the US elections’, made up by Podesta according to the book on the Clinton campaign) and false interpretations (or made-up, some of the ‘video evidence’ of “Assad’s chemical attack on his own civilians” was old film, others not on that site, and in any case, the best evidence is it wasn’t Assad’s weapon, and no actual intelligence organization has claimed otherwise) are repeated incessantly, and assuming their truth is the frame of other reporting. 9-11 is still the standout example in the power of propaganda, of course :


Always, ‘anonymous officials’ and even if true could well have been Comey playing politics.  It is all atmospherics, there has been no evidence of what can or should be investigated, no hard allegations of anything. This was big news in the WSJ, I think Trump has few friends in political circles. Illargi is right, we can’t have democracy if the news organizations are not doing their job :



Neither party is doing their job, but the Democrats are not connected to any reality, a danger for them and the country :


Tillerson seems rational :


The world is being taken over by the banksters, not just France and the US. Jamie Dimon is not a dictator, he can’t order individuals and companies to be destroyed. And rarely needs to, it isn’t his business to do that, as compared to, for example, any long-time member of any Special Forces. But Jamie Dimon knows some of those people, he knows who to call and how to persuade them.

The world has lost a lot of reporters and investigators in the last 30 years, don’t believe I have ever seen a tally. Better to be a fireman than investigate the CIA or publish NSA secrets :


These are not rational sources, but another measure of the loss of legitimacy of the Stasis Quos of the world. As for the young people claiming ‘they would not fight for their country’, socialist workers all over Europe claimed the same thing before WWI :


Ian Welsh has it right :


Did you know that sand for concrete is a strategic resource, something to be stockpiled? :


Yet another of the system-level effects of gut bacteria :


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