Daily Reading #123

The entire ‘Russia interferred in the US elections and colluded with Trump’ BS drives me crazy.  I sometimes listen to NPR while driving, and NPR’s news is dedicated to de-legitimating the Trump presidency and setting the stage for impeachment. Every discussion of that issue begins with long interviews with the most anti-Trump partisans they can find, have a much later short, nearly-rational and -factual segment discussing the fact that there is no evidence, and close with more bias. They are propaganda, not news :


The guy who wrote ‘Sex at Dawn’. Very interesting views of what human sexuality is, has become, relative to other animals. It fits in very well with Sapolsky’s lecture from the other day, his statement that humans take animal behaviors and use them in new ways :


I do not think that ‘populism’ is ‘authoritarianism’, that is a leftish diagnostic term, otherwise this is correct :


Arming the Kurds is excellent strategy, they are the major fighters against ISIS, the other arm of US and Israeli policy aimed at balkanizing the ME :


The usual lack of named sources and in the face of denials, the propaganda marches on :


Another example of how our system is dysfunctional, medical elites got it so very wrong for 40 years wrt fat in the diet :


Sargon of Arkaad explaining the concept of Kek and the oppressed Kekistanis. Funny :


For every death, 10 ruined homes, 20 people injured.  We have devastated the ME with our criminal wars, for zero gain to the US, all loss in money, lives and material.  The only gainers were the oligarchs who got the cheap oil, sold the war supplies, … :


There hero/heroine in the anti-war movement should be Chelsea Manning. Manning, Assange and Snowden transformed our understanding of what our government is :


As a consultant who has taken, and failed, many different tests in interviews, I don’t know what this means.  IMHO, the meaningful measure is how much and what kind of code under what conditions have you been producing in the last few years. The meaningful test is writing a program. Quizzes about language features are silly, those are largely irrelevant :


The standard sequence of ever-more rules needed by human-produced problems :


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