Daily Reading #120

“Any system that is not transparent is inherently corrupt.” :








More reasons policies are a very bad idea. Every formalism enables gaming the resulting system, and people do. Thus the country is headed down without very radical reform, consisting of repealing 200 years of law and starting over :


“If one wants to understand how the country is being looted by the minority of the opulent for their own benefit” read this :


It seems to me this is the same BS they play against Trump, an intentional mis-representation of the problem.  It is true that we have centralized far too much, DC in the US and the EU in Europe, the UN everywhere, are blamed for that. And everywhere it comes out in extreme movements as well as a general change of attitudes. The extreme movements are the most noticeable and get the blame, but general trust levels for all of our institutions are rock bottom and falling. Trust is down everywhere, because nothing works, because our institutions lie, and more and more people have personal experience of the failure. This process is not done, meaningful reform is far distant-to-never, if our Stasis Quo wins the political fight :


More reasons behind the continuous push for war :


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