Daily Reading #11F

MLK got ‘war is spiritual death’ right, our values have been poisoned by militarism and the poverty and poverty programs that has caused :



The public education system has done its bit for our spiritual death, look at the ethics of the freshman class :


‘Behind the scenes’ heavy duty propaganda to elect Macron, Rothschild’s man :


And the US supporting governments that drive the populace to extremism, just like it is doing here at home :


The religious extremists, those still alive, appear to be a lot more nimble their enemies. Using force is such a bad idea, the side effects are generally predictable, but not controllable. The problem with negative-sum games is, you can lose! Why play anything but positive-sum strategies? Idiocies like activist foreign policies threaten our nation, even human civilization :


The grain of sand beginning the avalanche, Puerto Rico declares bankruptcy :


Looking through as many articles and books as I do in a week, deciding what I have time to read, realizing how much I don’t/can’t see, it is clear that no human mind can have the overview to make decisions for other people. We can barely do that for ourselves, as groups.  “They can’t know” is the ultimate argument against centralization.

‘Turnout’ is one of those terms that hides a lot, make you think all the Ds had to do is do more phone calls, more drivers of people to polling stations.  But people in my wife’s salon didn’t vote despite being good liberals, they didn’t like Clinton and couldn’t vote for Trump.  This is a discussion that is otherwise good, but no hint that the shift by individual voters from Obama to Trump and the low turnout were the same thing, an evaluation by voters that Clinton was not the person they wanted as President, someone they could not personally support.

Unclear thinking predominates in our Stasis Quo elites :


More of the many reasons Clinton was a lousy candidate, and a lousy leader of the Democratic Party. She would have been a horrible president, far worse than Trump is turning out to be :


Hawking makes a good argument :


In the last couple of days, I have read several things supporting Hawking’s view, e.g. the ‘rain of death’ research showing that species need genetic diversity in immunity genes to have large and dense populations, and the researcher finding evidence human civilization was wiped out 13K years ago by an asteroid. We do not know much about our local asteroid environment, and 7B people intermixed with chickens, ducks and pigs and interconnected by airplanes is a pandemic waiting to happen.

SARS and AIDs were close to civilization-threatening. Even another 1918 Flu Pandemic, a 5% death rate, with the preference for killing young adults, would add to many country’s demographic problems, e.g. Japan which does not reproduce itself.

Governments and leaders are far too dangerous to allow them to exist :


The need to identify people for certain can’t use their picture, voice, fingerprint, … as each of these are easily faked :




China’s “Belt and Road” initiative is another version of the US’s polices documented in Perkin’s “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” :


Another example of why policies are intrinsically bad, the side-effects cannot be anticipated :


Lousy training + policy + unions produce this.  Outside of the US, first-world nations don’t have police shootings :


We have much cultural wisdom which lead to preferring positive sum games.  It always seemed to me that ‘competition’ was too narrowly thought, in reality even something as basic as reproduction is complex enough for superior strategies to win.  This is an example of a superior strategy winning, and the flexibility of primate social order :

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