Daily Reading #11E

This makes it seem as tho Trump’s team knows what it is doing in Iraq. Wonder what is wrong in Afghanistan? Convincing story, and the questions is, why is our government doing any of this at all? and why so long to understand the obvious? This is the first thing I have read that thought Petraeus’s counter-insurgency manual worked.  In any case, excellent PR, and big divisions in the military :


I had the thought recently that the US government’s “continuation of government” program, with the deep bunkers for elites all over the US, is ultimate moral hazard.  We would be all safer if DC knew it would be destroyed first in any nuclear exchange :


Families stepping outside the veil of banks and private equity firms, direct investments and management replacing stocks and bonds in their  investment straegies, is a very significant trend. There should be tons of ways to invest locally, and probably are, if you could identify them. There is a web site idea, and having thought of it, I bet a dozen are so are waiting to be found that will help.

In any case, divesting stocks and bonds and doing local investments is a trend that all of us should emulate, in my humble opinion :


Yes, Python is a tool for thinking :


Every SJW should be forced to watch George Carlin, this is mild treatment wrt the anti-tolerance of PC disguised as tolerance :


Economics and social transitions :



Our oligarchy is a bad bunch. This is the reason there is no wall, big money contributors to both parties don’t want illegal immigration restricted, their businesses depend on it :


Despite the ubiquitous surveillance on the world, the CIA and NSA have prevented 0 terrorist attacks. They do get rich from insider trading, however :


Our system is going critical, it seems to me. The next grain of sand could be the one that starts the avalanche. In the nature of critical systems, you can’t know how bit that avalanche will be in advance :



This lays out the fix for health care, which is a major swindle. ‘Free market’, essentially, these people don’t compete.  Same as education :


This article shows that running is another example of The Boston Consulting Group’s ‘experience curve’, which is declining costs with doubling of aggregate volume of a product.  The Generalissimo had a lot to say about the phenomenon :



Re-reading The Generalissimo’s effort, I very much like the linkage of fundamental physical law to nature’s preference for positive sum games. There is more and more support for that coming from different disciplines, e.g. :


The amazing thing to me is that none of this cascade of insider information showing how unbelievably corrupt, dishonest, sleazy our Stasis Quo and Deep State allies and their alliances are has any political effect, and rarely any effect on the propaganda.

Yesterday I was listening to National Propaganda Radio, representing the Stasis Quo’s interests in every word.  It was an Atlantic article, I believe, talking about the probabilities and possibilites for impeaching Trump. They did not miss a propaganda, completely fake news, meme : Trump had been subject of an ‘active FBI investigation’ prior to the elections for his associate’s connections to Russia, the hacking of the DNC, the possibilities votes were changed, … And that the day after the book on Clinto’s fiasco had the insiders reciting how Podesta (the pedophile) had organized the entire “Russian influenced the elections –> Clinton lost” propaganda campaign.

There was absolutely NEVER any evidence for that, and huge amounts of contrary information, yet NPR knew none of it.

The NSA has not yet been restricted in its collection and analysis of information by any measure, anywhere on earth, a fine measure of the power of blackmail and insider information for investments.

If not that, can anyone point to a positive function the NSA provides? Some would say ‘military and diplomatic signals intelligence’, but the services continue to run their own, and most of it comes from satellites, not NSA’s function. Besides which, nobody would use anything NSA might conceivably crack, it is too easy to wrap encryptions and use the full keyspace of every one, so why should we believe our cryptographers and mathematicians are smarter than theirs?  In crypto, defense is very amazingly greater than offense, encryption is multiplicative in wrapping, increasing the total strength, whereas breaking a cipher system is slower by 10s of orders of magnitude with each wrapping.

With the modern internet,  layers of servers and encryption dissociate elements of the organization, for example who did what to take the money and where it ends up.  You know they can’t follow that, because NSA never finds the money and take it back. So signals intelligence fails against intelligent opponents, e.g. any cartel that can afford someone who reads the literature. Do note that the drug cartels use the internet and phone system, the internet is much less vulnerable. There are good hacker manuals online. Bitcoin through anonymous accounts paying for the rental of servers in a dozen countries to fake people and organizations in dozens of other countries make it easy to be very, very anonymous online.  SSH has the interesting property of being a secure protocol that allows links back to the originator of the communication to be wrapped in the originator’s link, thus an instant vpn, world-wide.  Overlay networks like TOR are a more sophisticated and convenient version of that.

Intelligent operators of secure networks will spend $ on bandwidth to achieve more security, and will therefore send many messages consisting of only random numbers.

The militaries of the world have some advantages over the network wrt to being un-detected, e.g. big elements can likely use laser communications to other local elements, which can use it with other locals, and tight-beam radio to satellites can operate much like an internet.

I assume military people are as smart as the average hacker organization.

Once you have things working like an internet, only habits can give you away, otherwise everything can be obfuscated by many strategies so that nobody learns nothing from any bit of communications.

NSA only gets dummies, is my conclusion :


But, around the world, secrets are liabilities, as I noted a year or so ago :



Another wasteful military program that doesn’t improve security :


More insecurity in the telephone system :




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