Daily Reading #11C

The Russian hacking story was fabricated from whole cloth, the insider evidence that we all knew was there. The insider evidence for their peodphilia and child sacrifices is less likely to emerge, they will require Weiner’s laptop’s 650,000 emails.
These people are part of our ruling, opinion-making class, liars and thieves :
There are people against this growing tyranny in all groups, and  Laura Poitras is getting big attention for her films about Snowden and Assange :
Susan Rice is no more honest than the average political-patronage apparachik :
This is incredible BS, as the Boston Marathon bombing was fake, and Umpqua was fake and badly done. She looks at twitter social evidence, not physical evidence. Stasis quo propaganda :
Cause and effect are very hard to tease out in real systems. Contrarian that I am, it seems to me that people’s political sophistication has increased very quickly in this age of the internet.  In any case, categorizing Scientific American articles as ‘scientific’ is not quite right, e.g. issues of global warming, cold fusion, … Also, the evolution of people’s opinions is not ended, and it is only behavior on Facebook being measured :
I never had the opportunity to live abroad, this makes me regret that :
The most improbable things have truth in them. In 2030, we will see whether his prediction of massive asteroid strikes that will destroy human civilization comes true :
I wonder how useful digital currencies will be after the EMPs or asteroids.  Between now and then, however, they will destroy banks, the ultimate disintermediation! :
Dr. Postol, an expert on these weapons, continues to dispute the evidence for a ‘Syrian government gas attack’ on Syrian citizens. It was another false flag, of course, one that some group paid by the Saudis did using weapons the US provided, … Our rulers don’t even try to put together a believable story any longer. I assume that means the legacy media and Stasis Quo is firmly in their control :
Ian Welsh is a smart guy, very insightful in much social analysis.  But when it comes to prescribing a solution to the problems, he is the standard leftist.  Think how much power a government would need to implement this? Exceptions, there would immediately be exceptions, and thus a commission to handle exceptions, etc. When he has a non-coercive solution, he won’t be a leftist :
The world is very much going to regret the loss of genetics that this represents.  Every species is a huge reservoir of knowledge produced by evolution about what works in living systems.  Every animal has unique information. Every extinction of a large animal means the extinction of many others from bacteria and viruses up to predators. Instead we pursue war, loss of human genetics, especially stupid :

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