Daily Reading #11B

Who to trust is exactly the problem, but I don’t think it is new. Legacy media has run outright propaganda forever, e.g. the NYTimes’ Walter Duranty’s, “Stalin’s apologist”, coverup of the Ukrainian/Russian famine in 1932-33 right up through Judith Miller, “Cheney’s girl”, relaying false intelligence to justify the invasion of Iraq :




The difference is that the internet makes it so easy to check everything, so our confidence in our Stasis Quo is crashing along with their economy, government and entire society, a cascade of failure just beginning.

And also, the internet has reporters on subjects the legacy media won’t touch :

The SWIFT international money transfer system runs on Microsoft Vista, an OS that MS has not supported since 2010. No support means no bug fixes. So our banking wizards, the TBTF, are running on one of MS’s buggier OSs, and nobody knows about the hacks. CIA and NSA didn’t tell them, those hacks were tools in NSA’s latest leaks, but that is hardly an excuse. I must assume that IT managers in banking have no brains, no power or no skin in the game  :


This is an intelligent discussion of trade policy and manufacturing jobs, in historical context. Policies are a bad idea, especially the policy of having a central bank :


Such a serious professor of ‘crisis informatics’. Her evidence was the twitter feed.  If she had looked at the underlying evidence, what drove the twitter comments, she could have seen that the Boston Marathon bombing was fake, and so was Umpqua. Her ‘we’ means she is part of the Stasis Quo sustaining the BS :



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