Daily Reading #119

The propaganda wrt Syria and Assad continues, the war continues to grow, conflict with Russia is still a possibility. There is NO justification for the continuing attack on Syria. The entire ME war services Israeli ‘Greater Israel’ purposes, but not any legitimate goals of any country :


I wish I could believe none of these Jeremiahs are correct.  Unfortunately for my peace of mind, they confirm what I have been saying. So many people have said so may versions of ‘this is madness!”, yet we have been able to change little-to-nothing in actual behavior of our political systems.  The Stasis Quo goes on promoting war and war-like behavior, there is no peace movement, despite it being obvious that peace is the necessity for any other progress. As a measure of the corruption of the Stasis Quo, the divergence of the rhetoric before and after becoming President of the last 5 winning candidates is excellent. The fact that they still live is a measure of the reluctance of the rest of us to shoot the bastards for their lies, frauds and persecutions.

Give it time, the spirit of revolution and Freedom is outrunning their surveillance state, I think :




Israel gives NKorea talking points with its hypocracy :


Remember all of the scams banksters have run on the rest of us? The fact that every significant market has been rigged? That the price of gold is still being held down, and the price of stocks and bonds supported? No? Haven’t read about any of them lately, have you? Why do you suppose that is?

This coming economic disaster is entirely the responsibility of the idiots who think you can manage large, complex systems, when there is no technology that allows that :



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