Daily Reading #118

Ancient human DNA in cave dirt is completely amazing, and wonderful. This will lead to many new questions, but certainly more varieties of humans, cousins and other relatives of us, Neanderthals and Denisovans :


The CIA has been an agent of internal subversion since the beginning, and was early taken over by totalitarian thinking. Academics will argue about how successful it has been, but the fact that the CIA has groups focusing on that effort supplying articles with the broad themes through the 1000s of journalists and news organizations that they influence or control is the kind of conspiracy the CIA itself warns us that the Russians and others use.  The Mossad, I think, is more successful than the CIA :


My definition of ‘Deep State’ is people willing to break the laws, a mafia.  Only they can be more drivers than driven.  Money is powerful, but willingness to break the law is a different power. In the right hands, money and mafia power are fungible :


This is not ‘the reason’, this is ‘the propaganda that convinced the masses’. The reasons were economic, business interests of various ruling classes and their relative power in producing propaganda that moved the voters. Again, a variety of SJW was needed to produce these and lead the political parade, prohibitionists in this case. SJWs and their organizations arise reliably when economic interests and oligarchs need them :


I agree that the dominant narrative through modern American history has been very favorable to the government, hiding the atrocities and emphasizing our goodness. Thus American Exceptionalism, and the US becoming a plague on the world :


1.2M kids with lead poisoning, and the US only detects and treats half of them? Optimistically? WTF is government for if it can’t protect people against basic problems like lead poisoning  :


Taxation is theft, of course :


Does anyone recall ISIS having apologized for an attack before? What do you think it means that ISIS has apologized for attacking an Israeli Army unit inside of Syria? :


I have to get back to working with Scherrhy on her story.  Events are overtaking us :


There are crops for every climate and amount of rainfall, if only you know what those will be. This highlights the issue of predicting rainfall as the problem for S. Indian farmers. Climate scientists can’t predict a local climate for the following season, but expect me to believe they can do it for the entire world 100 years from now.

These are natural variation, recall that the US had a ‘Dust Bowl’ in the Plains States in the 1930s, now areas of major agriculture :




If you feel partisan, this is an excellent summary of the D’s first 100 days, focusing on Schumer, an individual whose corruption stands out even in the US Senate :


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