Daily Reading #117

TPTB want a war. The Israeli-Neocons + Deep State need the distraction because if peace is allowed, they will hang for 9-11 and the pedophilia epidemic :


This country needs to get off the dime and replace the gd political elite because those idiots are a danger to humanity.  We are allowing them to push the world to a world war! :


Pizzagate has not gone away, Pizzagate will not go away, and this issue will bring down the Stasis Quo.  This is the issue that is producing the biggest open source public investigations, the connections are many, many and varied.  Without doubt, blackmail for sexual behavior is a strong driver of the world, and the most criminal elements of our society with the most political and legal protection set up a system to collect the blackmail information.

I am sure that the rationalization was ‘counter-intelligence’.  Which it is, of a sort. If we know the worst about our citizens, we can prevent any opposition from exploiting them. Of course we are just measuring behavior, not producing it!.

Or, more likely, took over existing operations. A minute of thought convinces me this must be the way criminal enterprise evolves, the more powerful take over the weaker and the weaker run their operation for the more powerful after that :



The argument about whether Obama’s $400K for an hour of speech was appropriate rages. IMHO, large checks from banksters for words from a politician cannot be anything but corruption :


Corrupticrats :


More, you know a lot of the money that went into ‘rebuilding Afghanistan’ came back into American pockets :