Daily Reading #116

I agree with Charles, I have long said that our media were a COINELPRO operation in the middle of American life, amplifying the rhetoric that favored their political elites and dividing the nation thereby. More recently, I began arguing that my values are much the same as my more extremely-different friends, the difference is entirely based on what we think can and should work. I must admit, however, that it seems to require a lot of evidence to change their assumptions about what does and does not work :


FabiusMaximus is one of the mostly rational, full-context, viewers of reality. OTOH, he believes economics is a science and that government can work, so his critiques are far better than his prescriptions. I went back through some of his past posts, he is too simple about ‘left’ vs ‘right’, there are many versions of every political strain, it seems to me, and they all boil down to how much coercion are you willing to use to govern and how many people you are willing to kill to get control? The dynamics of large societies in the midst of extreme politics are well known — chaos rules, don’t play that game.

The safest place to be is in a nice, quiet, distant-from-cities, farming community, a few hundred people on a few hundred hectares, well-armed and well-supplied with what you need to both defend and feed yourselves and people around you, come what may.  You don’t want an ideology, you want a community. Politics recedes into the background when the problem is what to eat tomorrow? :


Joel Salatin, practical epistemologist.  He is getting big-headed, compared to his former farmer image.  He is an accomplished speaker, I have to admit, and is quite a success on the ecological version of farming and gardening scene. He was a pioneer in a lot of this, or at least the first to get attention via his 10 books.  This really is citizen science, as are all of the people keeping the heirloom strains of everything alive, and doing experiments in their garden.

These people are creating wealth and showing other people how to create wealth.  This is the way the rural US will be renovated, these people will come from the city as idealists, modern-day hippies, most cities will shrink, because their economic base can’t support the size and complexity of the infrastructure needing to be replaced, and the population will be spread over many small farmsteads running these integrated operations. I predict that trend will begin in places like Detroit, where the dwellings are being leveled and the empty lots will become market gardens :


The institutions of civilization do not scale well. This can work if it is a local town and workers are generally known to relatives of the people being cared for.  Anything else produces problems for those least able to protest :


Once we have this enzyme that breaks down plastic, we can also generate the enzyme that produces plastics, that could be an even bigger win :


The cynicism of voters around the world increases every year. Now Obama can take over some scam operation for the CIA :


There are so many economic forces against cannabis and so much propaganda, it is amazing that citizens understand as well as they do :


H1-B lottery is a rigged game, the big companies are the ones that make the $, of course :


They are tracking us every minute of every day :


There are still many very mixed societies around the world which do fine :



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