Daily Reading #115

Paul Craig Roberts points out the fact that the US is blocking the investigation into the ‘sarin gas attack’ in Syria, which means the US knows it was not as claimed.  Yes, of course, and US citizens don’t automatically assume the government is lying.  Not yet, but our gov is burning credibility in an effort to stay alive, so it is coming :


I can’t say enough good things about the thinking in this. Peer-to-peer has done this, the organic farming movement has developed without much approval from the Stasis Quo, in opposition to the USDA for the most part. Organic is far more profitable, obviously, than standard industrial farming, but you have to think different. Joel Salatin does :


There certainly are few statesmen in American life these days. Ron Paul is premier :


This is the reason no foreign policy can make sense. Differing interests continue within every group down to individuals in a family who have different reasons for supporting A vs B, e.g. every civil war produces split families. So the US has no sensible foreign policy for the ME as a region, and can’t, because the region is too large and complex. Ditto all the way down to families. The only sensible policy wrt a large number of individuals is neutral with human rights :


Remember MH17? That was a false flag, the story made no sense from the beginning, and the many ‘investigations and reports’ haven’t either.  John Helmer has been one of the independent investigators on the issue, and presents the latest, very detailed, critiques of the evidence presented by the Dutch :


The original EFF report on school’s equipment and services violating student’s privacy :


This assumes the intelligence agencies are honorable and their analyses are un-contaminated by political bias. No doubt many analysts are. No doubt, in the US of 2017, their leaders are contaminated by political bias. After 9-11, and the failure of all of those honorable analysts to notice the event in the 15+ years since that well-documented incident, we have reason to doubt their objectivity :


This report is objective analysis of the 9-11 event :


Biological transmutation of elements is a startling claim. This is an interesting video for all sorts of reasons, including citizen science at work, worth watching :

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